Turning Your Photos Into Drawings With Photoshop

There is nothing classier than a nice pencil drawing. Of course, unless you know how to draw or know someone who does, this is easier said than done. Until now! Today I am looking at how to turn photos into drawings with Photoshop. Let me tell you right from the start this is way easier than you would think.

Step 1:

First thing is to find the photo that you think would look cool as a drawing. Try to go for one with good edge detailing as it will look better.


Step 2:

Next step you want to turn your photo into greyscale. You do this by pressing, Ctrl & Shift & D or Cmd & Shift & D


Step 3:

Now you need to duplicate the layer. I know this sounds complex and it may appear to be one of the more daunting steps as you learn how to turn photos into drawings with Photoshop. Do not worry though all you have to do is press, Ctrl & J or Cmd & J.


Step 4:

Now you have to invert the layer. You do this by pressing Ctrl & I or Cmd & I.


Step 5:

Next, click the layers options and then change it to the Linear Dodge Blend Mode. This is going to turn your photo completely white. You can play around with the Color Dodge mode if you want to make the edges a little sharper.


Step 6:

Next, you need to go to the filter setting. Start off by using the Blur and then going to the Gaussian Blur. This will give you a great pencil effect and it is super easy to do. However, you are free to play around with some of the other filters to see if they give you a better or more interesting take on your photo.



This not essential when it comes to learning how to turn photos into drawings, but it can be pretty cool. If you add an extra fill adjustment layer to your photo and change the color blend mode so that it is on the color setting. You can get a pretty cool effect where it gives the photo a bit of color. You can play around with different colors or you can just have one color. It is a lot of fun to do so do not be scared to get a little crazy and try all kinds of color variations.


Photos Into Drawings With Photoshop

As you can see this is not that hard to do at all. The steps are very basic, but depending on the photo that you are playing around with, you may have to play around with the settings just a little bit. In all honesty with you, this is part of the fun of messing around with photoshop. So go and have a little fun now that you know how to turn photos into drawings with Photoshop. It is very easy to do and you will also have fun while you do it.