How To Use One Xbox Live Gold Account On Two Profiles

Now you may be asking yourself “Xbox Live Gold is a great price, what is the point in this?” Well, let me tell you! There are still some people who are not exactly sure if Xbox Live Gold is for them. It could be someone just getting into or back into gaming or it could be a kid who is just starting to dip their toes into the world of online gaming.

One of the cool things about Xbox Live Gold is that they make it very easy when it comes to sharing Xbox Live with a friend or family member. For example, a few years back, I got my son his own Xbox One. Rather than jumping straight in and getting a family account or an Xbox Live Gold account just for him. I had him use my account with his own profile to see if it was something he would actually use. 

So as you can see sharing an Xbox Live Gold account can be quite useful and this is how you do it.

Step 1: On the Xbox One you want to use, make sure that the profile that has an Xbox Live Gold Subscription is logged in. Now, log in the other profile that is on the console that does not have Xbox Live Gold.

Step 2: Make sure that you keep the Gold Account logged in the whole time you are playing or you will not be able to use their Xbox Live Gold service. This actually also allows you to play any games that they have purchased with this account so that is pretty awesome too!

Step 3: When the Xbox Live Gold account is being used on this other Xbox. This means that if you have another Xbox One, you cannot use that account at the same time. Doing this will log you out of the other Xbox One and cause the person using your Gold account to lose their ability to do so until you log back into that Xbox One.

As you can see sharing Xbox Live Gold is very easy to do. As I said a nice bonus of this is that you can also share games this way. This is something that is very simple to do, but the thing that trips most people up is that they will try and be logged in on two Xbox One consoles at the same time. This causes issues and will ultimately mess the whole thing up.

If you are like me and was using this feature so that your kids could play online. You will probably find that as they get older and want to game more than you will eventually have to get them their own Xbox Live Gold account or look into a family membership.