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Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

VR has not quite taken over the world like many people thought it would, but VR does still have a place in modern gaming. It is said that PlayStation VR is going to be something Sony push really hard this holiday season. Today I am looking at if the PlayStation VR is worth your money.

To start with the price of the PlayStation VR is all over the place. Sony seems to put this on offer quite often. On Amazon, you can get some great bundles such as the one that comes with Moss and Astro Bot, two of the best games for PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR review

There is also the PlayStation VR Mega Pack which for me if you can find it is the best value you can get. You get the PlayStation VR, the camera and five games. Doom VFR, Skyrim VR, Wipeout, Astro Bot, and PlayStation Worlds all of these are amazing PSVR experiences and are games I would recommend any PlayStation VR owner have so getting them at the same time as you buy the VR is a great idea.

I think that the asking price of the PlayStation VR is quite fair. The build quality of the unit is actually very solid and I have used it for a few hours at a time and never found it uncomfortable. It does make your PS4 setup a mess of cables, but I do not think it is as bad as people make out, especially if you are smart with your organization.

The PlayStation VR has many, many great games and experiences. Those who say that there are no good games for the PSVR simply do not know what they are talking about. The PlayStation VR library is pretty stacked and there are plenty of cool things that you can get for free as well.

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Two of the most impressive VR experiences that I have had did not require me to spend any extra money. One was the Rouge One Star Wars mission that was a free update for Star Wars Battlefront. The other was Resident Evil VII. This game actually lets you experience the whole thing in VR and it is one of the best experiences you can get on the PlayStation VR.

2019 has some big games for the PlayStation VR. Iron Man, Jupiter & Mars, Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth and Vacation Simulator are some of the highlights that are on the way. The PlayStation 5 is going to be compatible with the PlayStation VR so it makes sense that Sony is pushing the PSVR so hard in 2019 as if you invest in that for your PS4, you will be more likely to buy a PlayStation 5 so you can use the PSVR which you already invested in.

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While I think the PlayStation VR is great value for money. I do have to admit that PlayStation Move Controllers are essential. Some games flat out require these and others are made more immersive. The problem is these are quite hard to come by these days and buying pre-owned ones is the only way to get a good deal.

I think if you are a PlayStation 4 owner and you have not yet jumped into the world of PSVR, 2019 is the perfect time to do so. It has a ton of great games and experiences and the price for the actual unit is more than fair. Plus, Sony clearly has big plans for VR going forward so you will be on the ground floor of something that is going to be a big deal on the PlayStation 5.



Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

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VR has not quite taken over the world like many people thought it would, but VR does still have a place in modern gaming. It is said that PlayStation VR is going to be something...