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How to Setup and Use iPad Parental Controls


IPad is one of the most essential and useful technological device present days. The advantages gained from them are immeasurable. Most parents allow their kids to use iPads because they are beneficial for them. IPad not only provides with knowledge but also leisure, fun, and entertainment. Parents should also check their children iPads because some kids may negatively use them.

How to Setup iPad Restrictions

Some kids use their iPads in a wrong way which could harm their future and their lives. Some applications, sites, web pages, social media, news, music, and videos can harm your children. If you want to overcome this hassle, you should learn how to set up iPad parental restrictions. Here is a list of ways that you can follow to achieve it.

How to Restrict Content on iPad

You can use iPad restrictions to limit specific apps, content, and features on your iPad. This is a straightforward process. To turn on restrictions (Tap Settings > General > Restrictions.) go to iPad settings, and you will find general settings when you go into it, you can easily find restrictions, then enable tap Restrictions.

There you must create a passcode, and the passcode will be four numbers long. This passcode should be only known by the parents, not by the children. You must need the passcode to turn off restrictions again and to go to restricted content. If you forget your passcode, you must reboot your device.

How to Setup and Use iPad Parental Controls

How to Restrict Apps on iPad

You can restrict applications in your iPad too. To see the application list you have to go to Restrictions. (Tap Settings > General > Restrictions.) When the restriction is set to a certain app that app cannot be used unless the correct passcode is applied.

Some of the apps and features that can be restricted are, safari, camera, iTunes store, podcasts, adding friends and multiplayer games. Any external application which is downloaded can be restricted through the restriction app.

You can restrict music, videos, books, apps, Siri and websites through parental control apps when external protection applications are used in your tab. Unwanted links, advertisements will not appear in the web pages.

If your child gets into a bad website, it will redirect automatically to the homepage immediately. Sometimes browsing of unwanted stuff is not allowed when additional parental control applications are used.

How to Set Time Limits with Guided Access

Furthermore, you can set time limits to use certain apps and features. By setting time limits, you can limit the time of using that application. To set time restrictions, first, you must enable guide access. The time limit feature was added to guide access in ios8. To allow guide access, first, go to setting and go to general settings.

When you open it you will be able to find accessibility options. When you click the accessibility options you will be able to find guide access. The guided access can be enabled by clicking the home button three times. You must also need a passcode to turn on guide access.

Tap the ‘Time Limits,’ and then you will have to select an alert tone. In the bottom left corner of the guided access screen, you will find the time limit option. There you can set any time limit you want in increasing one minute, from one minute to 23hours and 59 minutes.

When you hit the ‘start’ the time countdown begins. When the time limit expires the iPad will lock itself, it can be only unlocked by entering the pin or the passcode you provided earlier. Your child cannot hack your application as they are highly secured by the internal operating system.

Best iPad Parental Control Apps

There are lots of iPad parental control Apps you can purchase through the apps store. Mobicip is one of them. This is a parental control application that can be used in phones, tablets, and computers. This is compatible with ios8 and upwards. This application provides information about browsing history.

These reports are emailed to you on a regular basis. You can block content using this application. All friend requests sent from social media and all contacts can be managed through this application. You can set time limits for internet usage too.

Mobicip provided you with a monitor app which contains information about the usage of the devices connected. The basic app can be downloaded free of charge. And the premium is about 39.99 dollars, and the premium package protects five devices. The enterprise package protects 20+ devices.

Another application that could be used is ‘mspy.’ This is considered one of the main tracking application. You can track WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, and location. This is easily accessible with any browser. Free online help is given when the app is installed.

When you install this app, you can protect your children from unwanted stuff. Through this app, you can even manage calls and control apps and programs in other devices. The reports of application usage are emailed to you on a regular basis. The basic version of the application is 29.99 dollars.

The premium level of the application is 69.99 dollars.  And there is also bundle kit which is also available.

‘Uknowkids’ is another parental control application. This application helps to keep your kids safe online. Through this app, you can track messages, and even you can track the deleted messages. You can view your child phone calls and mobile application history.

You can pair this application to social media networks, and you can track social activities on Facebook and other social media. This even helps to explore your child’s secret social media accounts. The premier package is 100 dollars annually. And you can purchase the premier plus apple which is 240 dollars and can be used lifetime.

How to Setup and Use iPad Parental Controls

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  IPad is one of the most essential and useful technological device present days. The advantages gained from them are immeasurable. Most parents allow their kids to use iPads because they are beneficial for them....