How To Get The Most Out Of Netflix

Netflix has completely changed the way most of us go about experiencing TV and there are very few people that I know who do not have Netflix. There is always something to watch on Netflix (sometimes too much!) but there are also some cool things you can do to make sure you are getting the most out of your Netflix subscription.


Watch A Random Movie

Sometimes the hardest thing can be actually deciding what movie to watch. How many hours have you spent over the years actually looking for something to watch? Well, you can use a service called Flix Roulette that allows you to put in what type of movie you are in the mood for, action for example. You can then select the rotten tomatoes score and let; Netflix pick you a random movie.


Get Rotten Tomatoes Scores For Everything!

Now granted this only works if you are using your computer, but it is a great way to know more about a movie before you watch it. Netflix Enhancement Suit is a plugin for chrome and it is awesome. With this, everything you look at on Netflix will have its RT score, cast information (like on IMDB) and you can even watch the trailer. It is a very handy tool and one that will hopefully be on every version of Netflix sooner than later.


Use The Netflix ID Bible!

You know how there are a lot of categories on Netflix? Well, the ones that they show you are just the tip of the iceberg! Netflix has a ton of different categories that can be used by entering a code in the Netflix search. You can get a full list of the codes on the Netflix ID Bible (save it on your phone), but here are a few examples. As you can see it is a pretty diverse list.

Action Thrillers: 43048

Basketball Movies: 12762

Creature Features: 6895

Horror Comedy: 89585

Independent Dramas: 384

Political Thrillers: 10504

Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694

Werewolf Horror Movies: 75930


Use Those Profiles!

Netflix allows you to have different profiles and this is something that families simply must use. It could not be any easier to set up profiles for everyone in the house and it can make your Netflix experience far better. Netflix is quite smart so it will start suggesting stuff that it thinks you will like based on your search and watch history.

If you have the whole family just using the one profile it can make your Netflix a bit of a mess. It also means that if you are watching the same show as your wife that you will not get confused as to who is on what episode.


Download Your Favorite Shows And Movies

While Netflix is a “streaming” service you can actually download certain shows and movies to your phone/tablet. It tends to be shows and movies that are Netflix Originals, but this is a pretty awesome feature that not enough people know about.

You basically download the show or movie to your device and then you can watch it without having to use wi-fi or your precious data. This is really handy if you are on a plane or want the kids to have some stuff to watch on their tablets on a long car ride.