Use Finger Driver to test your high octane driving skills

Some games are great time wasters. You just play them a few minutes at a time and get a kick out of them. That’s what Finger Driver does for you. It’s a small game, but it’s a very intense one as well. What it does is it allows you to use your finger as the steering wheel for a car on the road.


The trick here is to not get out of the road and hit the gray areas, otherwise you will lose the game. It might seem easy, but as you progress you will have to face some very intense roads and the chances of survival are very small, as you can imagine.

Use Finger Driver to test your high octane driving skills


The thing to keep in mind is that you do have a steering wheel in the game, that appears when you tap and hold your finger on the screen. Using the steering wheel is actually very handy because you can easily control the car and just have fun every time you play and enjoy the experience.


You can find lots of missions in Finger Driver too. These will give you coins as you complete them. You can use the coins in order to unlock new car styles. It’s nice to see that you can build up to something, it just makes the game experience so much better to begin with.


However, it’s not the type of game that you can play for hours and hours without stopping. Sure, Finger Driver is very addicting and that is certainly great if you like such games. But the best way to play Finger Driver is as a time waster.


Commuters will love this because it’s the type of game that you can try and play for a few minutes, complete a mission or lose and then move onward. It’s fast, easy to enjoy and you do get your money’s worth from it, no doubt about that. What you have to realize when it comes to Finger Driver is that it’s super good and impressive to begin with. The game is very good at pushing your limits and enhancing your skills.


While sometimes it can be very challenging, there are also times when Finger Driver is just a blast to play. And that’s where the game really shows its brilliance. Just about anyone will be able to play it, and in the end it really is something cool to enjoy with your friends or on your own.


As a whole, Finger Driver is a great little game. It doesn’t have the large game worlds that other titles do, but it’s full of replay value and it also has unlocks and other cool stuff. It does take a bit of time to get used to the driving style, but once you get past that you will enjoy this a lot. It really is one of the coolest little games that you can have on your phone. And since the price is very low to begin with, you might as well want to give it a shot!