Five Years Of PlayStation 4

It can’t be! Is what you may be saying as you check Google to see if this is right. However, Sony themselves have been getting all giddy over the fact that their PlayStation 4 has just turned five years old!


The PlayStation 4 by a mile is the leader of this console generation. Sony announced that the console has sold an incredible 86.1 million! This is incredible and to think there was talk that this generation may actually struggle in comparison to the last. Microsoft has never officially given out sales figures for the Xbox One, but many industry experts put the PlayStation 4 ahead at least 2 to 1. Sony has absolutely killed it this generation and in all fairness, it is well deserved as the PlayStation 4 is a joy to use.

Five Years of PlayStation 4

Sony has been having some fun on their blog and as well as revealing the official number of PlayStation 4 consoles sold they have also had some other interesting PS4 stats. The most notable one is the five best selling games on the console.


Grand Theft Auto V

Fifa 17

Fifa 18

Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty Black Ops III


That is a rather interesting list, especially as none of those games are a PS4 exclusive and if there is one thing Sony has done very well this generation it is their first party exclusive games like God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us to name a few. It goes to show that you still have to have strong third-party support on your console in order for it to be successful. Another interesting thing about that list of five games is that apart from Call of Duty WWII. The other four games were all available on the PlayStation 3!


A huge part of the success of the PlayStation 4 is not just because they have had a very strong library of first and third party games. If you take your mind back to when the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were announced, Sony did everything right and Xbox could not have gotten it more wrong. Many Xbox fans jumped ship when there was all the talk of always online, TV and lots of other things that really had nothing to do with video games. Sony took an early head start and they have never looked back.


As part of this five year announcement, Sony also announced that they would be having a special Call of Duty Black Ops IIII: PlayStation 4 bundle. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not going to be like the really cool Black Ops III or Call of Duty WWII PlayStation 4 and it seems like it is just a standard black PS4. Still, this is sure to sell a whole bunch this holiday season.


It is really crazy to think that it has been five years since the PlayStation 4 has launched. We have had some truly amazing games over these five years and the next couple of years with games like Kingdom Hearts 3, Days Gone, Shenmue III and many more show that there is plenty of life left in the PlayStation 4. Interestingly though the future of the PlayStation 4 and of course PlayStation 5 will not be showcased at next year’s E3 event as Sony have also announced that they are not taking part.