Unknown facts about Tomb Raider – Lara Croft’s PC game

The Tomb Raiser PC game has been one of the top rated computer games on 3D action adventure with millions of fans across the globe. This game has brought in the first lady character to the world of video gaming and the character has been a super success ever since she kicked in.

Unknown facts about Tomb Raider – Lara Croft’s PC game


The announcements of ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ have been one of the biggest news during the E3 this year. That makes it the best time to walk past the history of the game that boosted the crypt robbing career of Lara Croft. Some of the facts that you may have not known about Tomb Raider include:


1. The game was created by six people


The Tomb Raider had been the next gen development during its period. 22 years ago when the game was first developed in 1996, it was not necessary to staff in hundreds or thousands of employees to create the cutting edge product. The game was developed by just six guys and it took three years for them to bring in Tomb Raider game what is a big success today.


2. A rip-off of male Indiana Jones was initially used as the game star


The primary idea that was centered during the development of the game was to create a game where one can actually see the character that he or she is playing. That called for a third person view with an in-game 3D camera. Though this may sound very common in today’s gaming world, it was something that was never tried before back during the 1990s. Though there were 3D games, most of them were first person games. Core Developers took time and finally fixed on using the interiors of Pyramid from Aztec and Egypt for their designing of the 3D game. This allowed them the liberty to play with the environment and break it into a number of small rooms, structures and corridors to set up the game play. It was during the designing of the lead character that the idea of Indiana Jones struck the team. Who could have been a better choice for pyramids? But the initial lead character resembled a version of Harrison Ford in a muscled up sporting appearance with a handlebar moustache.


3. It was Laura Cruz, the Latina that marked the life of Lara Croft


The developers’ team was quite worried about being sued by Lucasfilm for the rip-off they made of Indiana Jones. They were in a hurry to avoid the confusion with Harrison Ford and nothing can be a better solution than changing the gender. For the beginning, they designed the female character Lara Cruz as a sociopath who enjoyed killing with a built up frame in military outfits and sported short hair. But this game the character too much of a Nazi look and thus was abandoned. Ultimately Core designed the Lara that is much similar to the character widely known to today’s gaming world with tight tops, braided hair and hiking boots. She was a sassy South American for the beginning.


4. The real life Lara Croft from Derby, England


The ultimate steps in the evolution of the character were complete after Eidos Interactive took over the parent company of Core back in 1996. Eidos had intentions to bring in a more British Sensations to the game and marked the end for Laura Cruz. They were in need of a name that sounds more British when one of the employees picked up the telephone directory to scan for names similar to Laura Cruz. It was then when they found out the name Lara Croft and a Derbyite had a very popular name out of the blue.


5. It was just 540 polygons used to make Lara


Initially Lara was made of just 540 polygons in total. It was in the year 2013 that more a count of more than 40,000 polygons were used for making the same character. But this was yet too less and Lara had to give off the braid for the game.