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Top Third Person Games for PC

Among the various genres of PC games, players often get confused about which one to start playing with. With countless games being developed and released across the globe each year, to find the right game can be tough task. If you like video games that feature a third person perspective, we have jotted down some of the most popular games in the recent years to help you make a choice.


1. Mass Effect: Andromeda


This is one of the most recent action video game based on role playing. BioWare has developed the game and Electronic Arts has published the game for Windows, Xbox One and PS4 users. It is the fourth sequence to the series of Mass Effect game that starts within our galaxy, The Milky Way during the period of 22nd century. The main plot of the game starts as human trials to populate new worlds for their home within the Andromeda Galaxy. The players can take up the characters of Scott or Sara Ryder and play as a new military recruit. Though inexperienced, he/she has joined up the Andromeda initiative after completing a journey of 634 years through space. Dealing with alien race and finding the secrets of Remnant – a mysterious synthetic race, Ryder becomes the pathfinder for the new age humans.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game

Mass Effect: Andromeda


2. Gears of War: 4


With Gears of War: 5 about to be released in the coming year, this game have been developed by The Coalition. It is one of the few third person shooting games for PC that has received positive feedbacks from all players. Critics have praised the combat setups, visual graphics and the other in-game elements since its release. As it is the fourth sequence in the series, the elements from the previous versions are reintroduced for the first timers to know the plot. The new elements incorporated in the game such as the Buzzkill and the Dropshot have been successful in intriguing more players to join the community. Melee combats and other actions have also been added along with the features of weather changes. It can be played as a co-op with another player.

Gears of War: 4 Game

Gears of War: 4


3. State of Decay: 2


Initially released on 22nd May 2018, this game is a sequel to the earlier part released in 2013. The State of Decay: 2 is a survival game in open world from zombie threats and invasion. With cooperative features being included in the game, players can team up with a maximum of 3 other players to form a team and beat the zombies within the open world environment. Microsoft Studios has published the Undead Labs game for Xbox One and Windows 10 clients to enjoy this survival game in solo as well as team mode.

State of Decay: 2 Game

State of Decay: 2


4. Sniper Elite 4


Rebellion Developments have brought in this stealth game for gamers who love third person tactical shooting last year on 14th February. If you have played any of the three previous sequels you might know that you are already in love with the series. If not, then this is something no gamer that loves third person perspective can resist. A special system of X-Ray kill cam makes the camera of the game follow the bullet when a player scores a sniper kill from a long distance. It even shows the particular are of the target that the bullet has damaged, broken or ruptured. With improved AI, enemies react to the movement of the players. Incorporated with a binocular, the player can check on the enemies and their weapons to formulate his actions.

Sniper Elite 4 Game

Sniper Elite 4


5. The Evil Within 2


It is a horror game based on third person survival. Similar to its early part, the game has been a success and has brought in appraisals from all sectors of the gaming world. The player portrays the character of Sebastian Castellanos, a detective trying to save his daughter. With three separate modes based on difficulty, a larger map has been brought in to the game. An item called the Communicator will be provided to the payers to help them search for objectives, enemies and various resources within the game.

The Evil within 2 Game

The Evil Within 2

Top Third Person Games for PC

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Among the various genres of PC games, players often get confused about which one to start playing with. With countless games being developed and released across the globe each year, to find the right game...