Tips and tricks to make anyone a top player in EA Sports’ FIFA

With the release of FIFA 19, a lot of significant improvements have been added to the most popular franchise of soccer by EA Sports. The gorgeous presentation of the game has already taken in a lot of fans across the globe in the past game series. Each year, the responses of the players are on the rise, thanks to the AI for using the open space to make a smart run. As the presentation of this game became more convincing, FIFA 19 has brought in various new tactics and controls to allow you to improve your play styles. While this may be a little daunting for beginners, the following tips and tricks will have them scoring goals in not time.

Tips and tricks to make anyone a top player in EA Sports’ FIFA


1. If you are defending, your position is the key


No matter how secured your game plan is, it takes only a second to get blown even if a single player is out of their set position. It is one of the most common mistakes to switch on the nearest player to the ball, thus creating a beeline for the opponent to score.


2. Diving in – not really necessary


While diving in can be one of the best defending options to tackle the ball away, it often fails and brings in fatal consequences. You may compromise your position and provide an open scope for the opponent to get past you.


3. Know the players you are playing with


It is necessary for you to have knowledge of the player you are playing with. This will help you to decide better and get the most out of your team members. Well for starters, it is better for Messi to take a shot with his left leg.

Know the players you are playing with in EA Sports’ FIFA


4. If you want to own the pitch, own the ball possession


FIFA 19 has brought in a lot of balance adjustments and increased the difficulty level for counterattacking. Building up an emphasis on the movement and possession of the ball is more crucial to dominate your opponent in this game.


5. Putting out your goalie at the right time


While it is quite a tough task to control the goalkeeper, it is best left of the AI to control it. However, it is wise to take control on him and bring him up on the right moment you see fit. You can even make him sprint to an oncoming player, and with a timed attempt, it can do a lot.


6. Practice if you want clinical finish shots


‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is the most common phrase. It is equally applicable for this game. The more you try out skill shots and know the glitches of each player, the better you can exploit them on the field.

Practice if you want clinical finish shots to become a top player in EA Sports’ FIFA


7. Try out all the methods of passing


There has been a constant argument among FIFA players about the various types of pass one can make. While some prefer ground passes and crosses, some go for through balls. Knowing which pass to use when can change the way you play. Practice all the pass types to have a better control on the field.


8. Look for the weakness of your opponent while playing online


All the players have some or the other shortcoming. While some cannot make a proper shoot at the goal, some may fail to choose the right pass. Even some players have difficulty while defending. If you wish to top the list, feel free to exploit all the shortcomings of your opponent.


9. Youth development is the prime factor in career mode


Youth scouting can be a beneficial act for playing the game in the long run. Decide on the players who have 4-star judgment and experience and transfer them to the countries that produce the top talents. Keeping an eye on them each month till they turn 16 and bringing them to your team can help you build an army. You can even improve their skills by weekly training once they join your team.