The Need To Know About Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Despite being first announced way back in 2017, Harry Potter Wizards Unite news has been a little thin on the ground. Today though we are looking at all the things we do know about what is sure to be one of the big mobile releases in 2019.


You’re a Wizard Harry!


The story of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a lot of fun and sure to be the main thing that hooks fans of the series. The idea is that there are signs of magic mishaps and magical beasts appearing all over the world and the Ministry of Magic along with the International Confederation of Wizards have formed the Statue of Secrecy Task Force to track this magical anomaly’s down and they need your wizarding skills to be part of it!

The Need to Know About Harry Potter Wizards Unite


AR Done Right

One of the main reasons that people have been so interested to find Harry Potter Wizards Unite news is the people behind it. This is an augmented reality game made by the folks at Niantic. If that name sounds familiar it is because they are responsible for the monster hit that was Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite is best described as Pokémon Go but in the world of Harry Potter.


What Do You Have To Do?


To be honest with you Niantic has not exactly released a ton of gameplay details in regards to what we can expect. We do know that you need to find magical artifacts and beasts before muggles stumble across them and find out about the wizarding world! Using your smartphone, you go to real world locations to track down these artifacts and magical beasts! Once you find them you will need to cast spells in order to catch them. While it sounds very similar to Pokémon Go, many are speculating that Harry Potter Wizards Unite is going to have a bit more in the way of actual gameplay.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile games for Android and iOS


When Is The Release Date?


This is one of the frustrating things about the game, we do not know! Harry Potter Wizards Unite was supposed to be released in 2018, but the game has been delayed until some point in 2019. No release date has been given yet. One reason perhaps for the delay is that there is still some mileage in the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game. Which is made by Portkey Games, Portkey Games are actually working with Niantic on Wizards Unite so that right there is a good sign and they got the look and feel of the Harry Potter Universe perfect.


It Is Not Just Harry Potter!

While the game is called, Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It is not going to be just based on the Harry Potter movies and books. There is also going to be plenty of content from Fantastic Beasts as well. You would have to think that the intention was probably to have this release when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald hit theatres.


So while Niantic and Portkey Games have not exactly been giving us a lot of Harry Potter Wizards Unite news to go on. This is still one of the most anticipated mobile games that is coming to Android and iOS next year.