Storm Boy: The Game A Charming And Beautiful Story

Before I started this Storm Boy: The Game review, I did not know what to expect I had seen one trailer for the game and vaguely knew what it was. By the end of my first playthrough though I had my heartstrings well and truly pulled.


Storm Boy is a classic children’s story that was written by an author called, Colin Thiele and was first released way back in 1964. The story is about a little boy (Storm Boy) and his adorable friendship with a pelican that is called, Mr. Percival. Storm Boy and his father move to the south coast of Australia to try and get away from the craziness of the world. Storm Boy has a very quiet life thanks to there only being him, Mr. Percival his dad and Fingerbone Bill who is an Aboriginal Australian which is really cool. The story of the book is what you will be playing through and it is brought to life in the game very, very well.

Storm Boy: The Game A Charming and Beautiful Story


One thing I have to mention in this Storm Boy: The Game Review is the art style. They have gone for a 2.5D art style, but the character models are all in 3D. I think this works very well for the game and is one of the reasons that the story is brought to life. I do wonder though what it would have been like had you been able to freely explore each area in 3D?


Storm Boy and his journey with his pelican buddy Mr. Percival is very nice and certainly aimed at kids. As a matter of fact, Storm Boy: The Game is clearly aged at younger kids. This is not just because of its charming story, but in the way that the game plays as well. It would be very easy for me to be harsh in this Storm Boy: The Game review and say that it is overly simplistic. You can actually beat the story the first time you play it in about 20 minutes! However, you play many simple mini-games during that first playthrough.

Storm Boy: Game Review


This is where the replay value comes in as once you have beaten the story for the first time you are then able to play these again. You can do things like playing a game where you need to swim with adorable fishes and draw in the sand with a stick. The mini-games are simple, but they are perfect for kids. With that in mind, Storm Boy: The Game is the kind of game that is made with 5 – 10 year olds in mind. It is the kind of game you could play with a kid just before bed as it is pretty much an interactive storybook.

Storm Boy: Mini fun games for kids


Putting together this Storm Boy: The Game review was a nice change of pace. This is most certainly a kids game and also it is a budget game. However, for under five bucks, you are getting what is pretty much an interactive kids story. It looks fantastic, has a lovely story that has some meaning and it is well worth playing through, especially if you have kids. It is very short, but being able to come back and play mini-games once you beat the game does add some replayability to it.




Brings a classic kids story to life

Lovely art style

The relationship between Storm Boy & Mr. Percival is adorable

Mini-games are fun

Great for younger children




It is most certainly a kids game

The game is very short