Showcase your battle royale prowess in PUBG Mobile

Showcase your battle royale prowess in PUBG Mobile

If you want to play a great multiplayer game on your phone, then PUBG Mobile comes to mind right away. It’s free on iOS and Android. And at the same time, you have pretty much the regular PUBG experience, but modified for mobile. You still have 90+ people dropped on the island and you have to do everything you can in order to survive.


Just like the desktop counterpart, the game is all about offering you a dedicated survival experience that’s just really enticing and fun to explore all the time. The performance is great considering this is a mobile port. In many ways, the game runs better than it does on the desktop, which is pretty impressive, to begin with.

PUBG Mobile great multiplayer game

Combat is a bit different due to the interface. But you do have buttons to attack, to crouch, stay prone and reload. You can also switch between the different weapons at your own pace if you want to, which is a pretty nice and unique thing to keep in mind here.


Yes, you can play alone, with another friend or with 3 other friends. The party sizes remain the same, and pretty much the original PUBG gameplay is intact. It does end up bringing in new challenges for sure, but it’s also something that you will like having and exploring all the time if you want.

PUBG Mobile free game for iOS and Android

The game is extremely addicting and it does have its fair share of monetization systems like crates, for example, it’s still pretty fun to just explore new options and adapt the game experience to your own needs. That being said, the intensity of the game reaches new heights on mobile. The screen is smaller than on the desktop, which means the details are not as impressive.


As a result, you need more focus and attention, and it’s stuff like that which can really end up being a problem for players. However, it also pushes you to focus on survival more than ever before. That’s not exactly a bad thing, just because there are so many cool opportunities and ideas that you can enjoy here if you want.

PUBG Mobile dedicated survival experience

We like the fact that every game is unique and it has its fair share of challenges. Even if it does end up being incredibly challenging, it’s safe to say that PUBG Mobile has a ton of replay value. And that’s a good thing because more and more gameplay options and strategies will encourage you to try new things all the time.


Whether you want a simple survival experience against other people or you just love the battle royale idea, it’s safe to say that PUBG Mobile works really well here. It has all the content you need, and for the most part, it just brings in front some of the coolest game ideas for you to check out. It’s definitely repetitive at times even if elements tend to be randomized. But if you get past that and just enjoy it for what it is, you will have a good time with it.

PUBG Mobile ton of replay value available