PUBG Is Hitting Xbox One Hard & Free!

Of course, there has been a lot of talk about PUBG coming to the PlayStation 4, but the latest PUBG Xbox update kind of trumps that!


PUBG went head to head with Fortnite Battle Royale and for a while, things were pretty close. These days though, Fortnite is the king of the Battle Royale genre, but PUBG is not going down without a fight. Xbox One owners who have not yet purchased PUBG are going to be able to play the game for free….. well kind of.


You see PUBG is one of the big games to be added to the excellent Game Pass service. Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming right now and Microsoft keep adding more and more huge games to it. While the real draw is, of course, getting to play all the Xbox One exclusives day one as part of your subscription. Getting games like PUBG on it is also great.

PUBG Is Hitting Xbox One Hard & Free!


One of the main reasons that many people picked Fortnite over PUBG was because Fortnite could be played for free whereas PUBG required gamers to actually buy the game. To be fair it was never sold at a full price, but when you have one product that is for free and the other that is not, free is going to win 9/10/ This latest PUBG Xbox update that revealed the game coming to Game Pass came at a great time.

PUBG coming to the PlayStation 4


The game also hitting PlayStation 4 and the tie into the Suicide Squad with skins for both Joker and Harley Quinn have really done a great job in thrusting PUBG back into the limelight and making people take notice once again. PUBG Mobile has also undergone a huge update for its fourth season.

PUBG - a fun game to play with known people


This is pretty amazing as there was more than a few people who were writing off PUBG and saying that Fortnite and Blackout in Black Ops IIII were going to kill it off. This is an excellent marketing strategy and the fact that there are always Game Pass deals happening will surely get more players giving it a try. For example, you can get two weeks Game Pass for free if it is your first time trying it. Also, Microsoft quite often has a deal where you can get a month of Game Pass for a very low price to test it out.


PUBG is actually a really fun game once you get the hang of the way that the game plays and it is especially fun if you are playing with people you know. The PUBG Corporation has really stepped up the last few months and this latest PUBG Xbox update really showcases that. If you have been on the fence about trying PUBG out there has never been a better time than now to enter the battleground and see just how good a sharpshooter you are and if you have the guts to survive.

PUBG was made available on Xbox Game Pass


PUBG was made available on Xbox Game Pass on the 12th of November all over the world so getting into a game will be very easy as there will be a ton of new players taking part. Even if you have played PUBG before, but felt it was not for you. Now is the time to give it another chance as the game has undergone some major improvements over the last year.