Twenty years after, Pokemon is back in the Kanto Region to ‘catch them balls’ even brighter, with more beautiful graphics and better character animations. This version of Pokemon Let’s Go will make many- like myself- remember the fun we had in the late ‘90s with our Nintendo Game Boy. We were so engrossed in it that no day passes without the mention of Pokemon. The nostalgic feeling of the new version indeed casts our minds back to the days of yore. Catching them all has only become more exciting. Let’s get one beyond the Gym Leaders and Elite Four.


One interesting thing about Pokemon Let’s Go is that it takes nothing away from the amazing feeling of the classic version. In fact, ‘catching them all’ has become a bit less frightening that even newbies will find the game easy to navigate. Pikachu! Kids would definitely love this game, not just because it is Pokemon, but for the fact that the gaming experience creates a perfect opportunity to get exposed to different creatures in their hundreds. This, of course, opens up their minds to a whole new world of knowledge as they gradually absolve the stats, moves, and evolutions, in addition to learning to gain control and the ability to persevere.



Let’s Go is set up in the same region of Kanto, and is filled with diverse faunae to feast on, whilst you also get better as a Pokemon Trainer. Another thing that makes Pokemon Let’s Go fascinating is how interactive it is- unlike the old version- that even monsters appear more real and relatable as you journey through the Lavender Town and Victory Road.


It is such a beautiful experience on smartphone as you aim your throws centrally for a better catch whilst the colored circle continues to get smaller. You get excellent along the way as you continue your catch, and of course, encouraged with the vigor to press on. The shocker here, however, is that all your balls can decide to explode right back in your face. My advice? You just might knock down a stranger at this point, so, be careful.



Hey, what’s more? You can customize the outlook of your Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or Pikachu, presenting it with the ability to perform during a trainer versus trainer face-off. This furthermore gives you a more intimate sense of closeness with your anime and helps you define the game on your own terms. Friendship Goals! Pokemon Let’s Go still features the Red, Yellow, and Blue like it was on the Nintendo Game Boy. It couldn’t get any better, because now, you even get to choose which creature you want to catch and then chase after it, rather than hop-skipping finding them.


Since the basic goal here is fun, the simplification of Pokemon Let’s Go is indeed a better option as it inculcates a better interaction model for the young and old. Imagine playing Pokemon Let’s Go with your 13-year old son and not feeling outdated or out of place – you can even tell Grandpa to watch too!


Only you can decide what you want to do with your Pokemon – feed it, dress it, carry it, or even ride it!