Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to Make Long-Awaited Debut on PlayStation 4

One of the biggest genres to explode on the gaming scene in the past year are battle royale games.


But the love hasn’t been there for the consoles – it’s been a PC show for the most part.


That’s all changing since Fortnite decided to make a version of its popular game for everything under the sun.


Now the game that started it all is finally releasing its first version for the PS4.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is playing catch up in many ways. And while people are excited that it is finally coming to Sony’s mega-selling PlayStation 4 console, not everyone cares.


GameSpot is reporting that PUBG is targeting a December 7 release date for the game on PS4.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to Make Long-Awaited Debut on PlayStation 4


That’s really soon but people are still wondering what the hold up is. The game has been available on Xbox One for some time and Fortnite is everywhere. What gives?


Well, cross play is one thing that PUBG cited as a delay. Sony has finally come around on that front.


But also tailoring the game to work well on Sony’s complex architecture was another major issue.


The developers are promising that nothing will be left out for the PS4 version of the game, an early concern for many people.


This means that the recently released Sanhok map and all game upgrades rolled out across other platforms will be present and accounted for in the PS4 release.


Other than that, PUBG does say that the game will have enhancements on tap that take advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro and its more advanced graphical capabilities.


Again, the real story here is not that PUBG is coming to PS4, but that it has taken so long.


Microsoft’s system will have PUBG available on the ever-crucial Black Friday shopping day this year while consumers will have to wait another week or so to get a PS4 version of the game.


This is especially interesting given the market dominance of the PlayStation 4 on a unit sales basis compared with the Xbox One. All excuses aside, you would think that PUBG would prioritize a PlayStation 4 release or at least make it happen as soon as possible.


But for players of the game who have watched the continual dominance of Fortnite over the past six months, PUBG’s delay on a PS4 version of the game is just part of a series of missteps which have put the company on its back feet. From a buggy new map release to other issues that have remained to be addressed, PUBG has withered somewhat under the dual pressures of the spotlight and Fortnite’s amazing rise.


Fortnite, for its part, is available on literally everything and shows no sign of slowing down. And it is free to play. These two trends, combined with the devs devotion to bringing new stuff out for Fortnite players, has made PUBG look a little stale by comparison. No PlayStation 4 version of the game will change that.