Lots of Final Fantasy Action Is Coming To Xbox One!

While most people will agree that the XO 18 event that Microsoft put on to hype the Xbox One and showcase come upcoming games was a bit of a letdown. Some interesting and exciting news did come from the event. One piece of information that has gotten many people excited was the talk of a whole bunch of classic Final Fantasy games coming to the Xbox One.


It is all going to start in the coming weeks with the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy which was originally released on Xbox 360. Final Fantasy XIII took the series in more action and linear direction which some people liked and others did not. Well, this whole trilogy of games can be played on Xbox One as they have all been made backward compatible with the console. In all honesty, these are a fun series of games and now is the perfect chance to give them a try.

Lots of Final Fantasy Action Is Coming To Xbox One!


It is not just Final Fantasy games from the last generation, but also some PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy classics as well! For the first time on an Xbox console, you will be able to play Final Fantasy VII and IX. For some reason, Final Fantasy VIII is still off limits, but still getting two of the three PlayStation 1 hits is awesome. There is some confusion over if it will be the PS1 versions or the PC versions that Square-Enix port over.


Then we have three PlayStation 2 games. Final Fantasy X, X-2 and also XII will be coming to the Xbox One. What is interesting about these games is that they have all been given that HD lick of paint as they were remastered for the PlayStation 4. There is talk that it is going to be these updated versions of the games which are brought over to the Xbox One which most people would prefer. Final Fantasy X and X2 were sold as a double pack on PS4 so it will be interesting to see if Square-Enix offer the same kind of package to Xbox One players.


By the time you read this, Final Fantasy XIII will be backward compatible. Plus those three games can be picked up dirt cheap these days so there is no excuse not to give them a  try. Especially if you want a little more action in your RPGs. In regards to the classic Final Fantasy games. No exact release date has been given yet. All we know is that they are coming at some point in 2019.


There was no talk of if the Final Fantasy VII remake (which still does not have a release date) is ever going to come over to the Xbox One. However, there are many who feel that it is not a full PS4 exclusive and just a timed one so it could make the jump at some point. The days of Final Fantasy being a PlayStation only game are long gone and the more people that get to enjoy it the better. All of the games they are bringing to Xbox One (especially those PS1 and PS2 classics) are well worth checking out when they are released.