Is Battlefield V Going To Struggle This Holiday Season?

2019 has been a huge year for video games. While games like God of War, Spider-Man, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider were released months ago. The October/November period is one of the busiest it has ever been for Triple-A titles.


Call of Duty Black Ops IIII and Red Dead Redemption II are the obvious big games, but as well as these two. Assassins Creed Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Forza Horizon 4, Fifa 19, WWE 2K19 and others were also released. One game that was supposed to be right in the middle of this mix was Battlefield V until EA moved the release date until the middle of November.

Is Battlefield V Going To Struggle This Holiday Season?


Some industry experts have said that they feel Battlefield V may disappoint in terms of sales this holiday season. To start with the beat was not exactly universally praised. Call of Duty Black Ops IIII, on the other hand, was given acclaim all across the globe.


Battlefield V also has one of the most confusing launch windows of all time. There is actually three different release dates for Battlefield V. Depending on how you have purchased the game you can play it as early as November 9th. This though is only for Prime EA Origin Members on PC. On this same day, Xbox One owners who are EA Access Members can play the game for 10 hours.


After this on the 15th of November, people who pre-ordered the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition can play the game. This is available for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and PC owners. The 20th of November is the full release date when the standard versions are available all around the world. This is a bit of a mess of a release date, it is so bad EA had to release a guide on how to purchase the game as some people were confused as to when the game was actually released.


Add to this not many people know the exact state that Battlefield V is going to be in when it is released. While it is awesome that the people at DICE have worked very hard to give us a single player campaign and you can play it at launch. This is not actually going to be finished until December. Add to that the news that the Battlefield V Battle Royale mode is not coming until early next year and you add more confusion to the mix.


With how horrible last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II launch went you would have thought that EA and DICE would know they have to nail his. Especially considering how tough the competition is for sales in the winter of 2019. No doubt Battlefield V will sell ok, but you have to think that Call of Duty Black Ops IIII has probably already captured a portion of that market.


Battlefield V to be fair looks like a fantastic game. Despite some of the issues that more than a few people had with the beta, there was a lot of good about it. Those who do decide to pick it up will have a fun game on their hands.