How The Little Things Bring The World Of Red Dead Redemption II To Life

Like many of you, I have been hooked on Red Dead Redemption II. The first Red Dead Redemption game is one of the greatest of all time. John Marston was a truly fantastic and complex video game character and you could argue that Red Dead Redemption had one of the best stories that the folks at Rockstar had ever created.


Red Dead Redemption II certainly had a lot to live up to and if there is one studio that was capable of meeting this hype it is Rockstar. Playing as Arthur Morgan, you realize very early on that Red Dead Redemption II asks far more of the player than the first game did. Arthur is a very interesting character. Sure he is rough, tough and ready to shoot or fight at a moment’s notice. However, early on you get a real sense that he has honor and he loves his “family” and will do what is right for them.

How the Little Things Bring the World of Red Dead Redemption II To Life

It is doing what is right for them that has taken many people by surprise in Red Dead Redemption II. The camp where you lay your head, talk to other gang members and even get some missions is a huge part of the game. You need to help keep the camp spirits high, do chores and do your part to make it thrive. This means that you have to do things like chop firewood, talk to people and pay a contribution to the camp. As well as this Arthur can purchase various upgrades for the camp which will help make life on the camp better for everyone.


It can take some adjustment, especially if you came into the game expecting playing as Arthur to be just like playing as John Marston. What at first feels like busy work actually becomes something you are happy to do and that is because you come to actually care about the people in the camp, well some of them you care about! So when you are on your way to the next mission, but a nice big fat deer comes across your path, you will actually want to get out your bow, take it down and then take it back to Pearson so the camp has something good to eat.


As well as taking care of the camp another way that Rockstar has made the world of Red Dead Redemption II feel more real is with how Arthur has to take care of himself and his horse. It was fun changing the appearance of John Marston, but this game takes it a step further. You will have to bath Arthur, make him shave and ensure that he is wearing the appropriate clothing depending on the weather. Watching what Arthur eats and how much “exercise” he gets are other things you also have to do. Again this sounds like something that would be a chore, but it is done so well it is not.


You also have to build a relationship with your horse. You need to pet and take care of your horse and you do become attached to it. As well as feeding the horse, you even have to brush it as when it is dirty it will lose health and stamina faster.


Red Dead Redemption II is a truly fantastic game and Rockstar have not just made a wonderful story that is engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat. They have actually made a game that is jam packed with things to do.