How good of a master assassin are you? Check out Hitman 2 today

Hitman has always been a great stealth experience. Agent 47’s games are bringing in unique elements into the mix and most of the time it’s just a blast to enjoy everything offered here. The same thing happens with Hitman 2, you have even more great locations to explore. However, there aren’t too many additions when it comes to the weapons you use and the mechanics as a whole.


That being said, Hitman 2’s maps are very diverse. Some of them showcase a suburban region, but you also have a map on a foreign island. So there’s definitely variety in there. And while you have main missions that are set in stone, you also have sub missions too. The game really delivers an extraordinary value and quality and it offers you an immense, exciting set of game mechanics that you can explore all the time.

How good of a master assassin are you? Check out Hitman 2 today


What some people dislike in Hitman 2 is that there are no realistic cutscenes. This time around you have only images and voiceover. The reason is that Hitman is not published by Square Enix anymore, so the development budget was smaller. But if you get past that, you receive the same old, fun and meaty gameplay that you always wanted.


You can also acquire various skins and costumes as you play. These will not influence the outcome for the mission unless it’s required to use such a costume, but they are a blast to use. We liked the maps because they share their unique story and you are always encouraged to come up with something new and unique all the time, regardless of the situation.


But what about the stealth gameplay in Hitman 2? There are tons of stealth weapons like wires and silencers, so the idea here is to perfect your skill and attack the enemy in unique ways. Sure, the enemy is pretty much the same all the time here, but the trick is to always strive and complete the missions in unique ways. This is why the game has such a great replay value, because it encourages you to experiment and just have fun with the entire process. You can be stealthy, you can be messy, and each approach comes with its fair share of rewards or problems.

Explore more locations with Hitman 2


There are grenades in the game, so you can use those as you see fit. You also have the old suitcase that helps you travel with your silencer when needed. You can shoot enemies fast or you can just go ahead and disguise as someone after eliminating them silently if you want.


Visuals in Hitman 2 are great, similar to Hitman but improved in some key areas. The levels are more open, yet despite that there’s no real stuttering. So it’s safe to say that Hitman 2 does a very good job at offering stunning gameplay mechanics and the performance is spot on. If you love Hitman games in general, you will like this because the missions are good. It’s not the ultimate stealth game, but it’s pretty close.