Experience a stunning post apocalyptic world with Fallout 76

Experience a stunning post-apocalyptic world with Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is the latest entry in the Fallout franchise. But the fact that it leaves the singleplayer experience and it focuses on a multiplayer only approach is definitely something unique and the game does a pretty good job with it. Of course, you can still play alone if you want, but this is mostly an MMO at heart where you don’t really have human NPCs. Instead, those are replaced by other humans that roam the world with you.


There’s still the VATS system, although it was modified a bit. And you also have a massive game world which is around 4 times what the previous game was in regards to the size. The problem with this is that the game size is huge, but there are regions where the title feels soulless. The lack of NPCs is definitely a problem in the game and it makes it lifeless at times. There are lots of new monsters, but old ones as well.

Latest entry in the Fallout franchise


There’s the possibility to acquire launch codes and send a nuke into the orbit. You can also create a settlement and live in that region if you want. And since this is still an RPG, you can explore the world and you can find cool new stuff to create and explore. Of course, there are some limits, various regions have higher level enemies, so you just can’t go in there alone.


Fallout 76 has a pretty good leveling system where you can acquire levels by completing tasks and those levels will give you points. These points can be used to increase and improve character attributes. The gameplay gets amazing and very rewarding all the time, and the best part is that you can continually enjoy and explore all the options that come that way.

Multiplayer game

Also, the game world is stunning. It definitely feels like a post-apocalyptic place, but unlike other Fallout games, this one actually has lots of colors and stuff like that. It offers great nuance and it encourages you to explore more and more.


It wouldn’t be a Fallout game without collectibles. This time tapes actually give you the story of the game, since there are no NPCs in there. You can also find other cool items you can collect, so the game does bring you plenty of good content for you to explore and enjoy.

Good leveling system

Building a base is actually fun, and as you can imagine you can always come back to your base if you want. They also added a mobile base in the game too, in case you move a lot and don’t want to settle down.


Fallout 76 is a great experience if you want a fun coop MMO. It’s definitely not Fallout 5, but it does have its fair share of unique gameplay mechanics. That’s what makes it so good, to begin with. If you love action games, Fallout 76 is definitely something you want to play. It also has its fair share of mechanics, so you might as well give it a shot and see if you like it.