BioWare’s new Dragon Age game is coming soon, teases out!!!

A brand new Dragon Age game being teased at this year’s Game Awards was something that some people had heard a few rumors of. However, no one was prepared for the epic teaser that the good people at BioWare showed us.


This was one of those trailers that made you say wow. It features some breathtaking tarot card style art which is the norm for Dragon Age these days. The Lyrium Idol from Dragon Age In question can be seen as can Fen’Harel and what looks to be some kind of Elf looking character.


The biggest thing that blew people’s minds was the audio that accompanied the new Dragon Age game teaser.


BioWare’s new Dragon Age game is coming soon, teases out!!!

“So, you’ve found me at last. I suspect you have questions.”


Is what you hear before the trailer ends, this is followed up with a Twitter hashtag of, #TheDreadWolfRises. The spoken words are from Solas who was a companion character from the last piece of story DLC that was released for Dragon Age Inquisition. Now without giving spoilers away for what happens at the end of Dragon Age Inquisition. You need to know that Solas was not who he seemed and in essence who wants to basically bring about the apocalypse!


This was a real twist ending and one that left many Dragon Age fans speechless. So hearing his voice again and knowing what he has planned is very interesting. Seeing how he is going to go about his plans is something that has gotten most Dragon Age fans very excited.


While this was not shown in the teaser trailer in the days following the Dragon Age 4 teaser trailer. Fans have picked up on social media that there is a very high chance that we will finally get the chance to go to Tevinter which so far, no other Dragon Age game has allowed us to do. This is very exciting stuff and it will be great to see what it is like. Being able to go and play in Tevinter is going to be a huge deal if it is in fact in the new Dragon Age game.


Of course, as soon as this teaser trailer happened people were all over social media to see when Dragon Age 4 would be coming out. Well, no release date has been given yet, however, Casey Hudson who is the general manager at BioWare said that by the end of December there would be an official announcement. Could this be a new trailer? The release date? Or perhaps some story points? We will just have to wait and see.


It has been said that this game has been in the works for quite a while already and that it is being made by a bit of a Dragon Age dream team so it sounds like it is in very good hands and that us fans will be very happy with it. One thing that is for sure is that if you played Dragon Age Inquisition and loved it, but did not bother with the DLC. Well from what this teaser trailer revealed, you need to get back to it, play that DLC so you are all caught up before the new Dragon Age game is released.