Best Racing Games for PC that all should try

Racing games have always been the heart-throb for most gamers. Especially if it is campaign racing then there is hardly and limit to the addiction of the players for the game. Choosing on the top PC games for racing is a tedious task on its own. This is mainly because of the multiple factors contributing to the development of the game. That adds up to the game graphics, the sound designs, vehicle control and the racing experience that the players look into before deciding on any game. We have come up with a list of the top racing games that have been huge success in recent times.

Best Racing Games for PC that all should try


1. Forza Horizon 4


Forza Horizon 4 by Playground Games has left for the British Isles from the Aussie Outback in their latest release. The title of this latest racing game released on October 2nd this year is enough for players to bump into playing the ten-hour campaign racing. The maps include the Scottish Highlands, quaint villages in Britain and drive through the coast surrounding the Lake District. As the seasons roll by, the landscapes change as well. From spring to summer to autumn and finally winter, players need to master their skills to adapt to the changing terrains in the game. Not only you can feel the reaction of the car to minute changes like icy roads of the winter to wet leaves during the rain, but also requires mastering their riding to beat the best times in the tracks.


2. Dirt Rally


Dirt rally, by all means, has passed the predecessor of the game, Dirt 3 by Codemasters in all aspects. While Dirt 3 was released on 24th May 2011, Dirt Rally was released on 7th December 2015. Incorporated with a more authentic model for handling vehicles, the game is done with most of the touches from arcade games that still exists in the main series of the game. Dirt 4 was released by Codemasters on 6th June 2017 but was not as successful as Dirt Rally. It is one of a kind of rally games that provides the players with an experience they have never felt before. It is not only about racing on a dirt track with countless slippery sideways but also about participating in the endurance run that rallying clearly stands for. Dirt Rally 2 is scheduled to be released next year.


3. Need for Speed: Edge


It is one of the most successful series by EA Sports. With multiple parts of the game is already released for other operating interfaces like Android, the NFS series is something that all players have loved right since its release. With NFS Shift 2, Electronic Arts have brought in the new age racing into action. With 27 separate versions and parts of the game designed for multiple platforms, Need for Speed Edge: has been the latest addition to the list on 10th December 2017. It is one of the multiplayer games that attract mass players from around the world. It is the only racing game that is free to play and securely runs of the game engine by Frostbite.


4. iRacing


This is the ultimate choice for simulation racing. This game comes with a special characteristic that can blur the separation between work and play. Crazy attention have been given to the details for the recreation process of cars and tracks. The rules for racing in this game are from a totally different league like none before. While the game charges a yearly cost of $50 per year, it is one of the best options to invest in if terms of value for money is considered in comparison to the other MMO games for PC.


These are some of the top racing games that are being widely played across the globe. Though choices may vary from player to player, there are a lot of other racing games that you may consider looking into. Some of the other top-rated racing games include Project Cars: 2, F1 – 2016, Race: Injection, TrackMania 2: Canyon, Driver: San Francisco and Assetto Corsa among many others.