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Best online multiplayer games for PC

For multiplayer PC games, it is not always about the game that makes it a success but the players. In depth game plays and stunning graphics can only contribute to making a title standout of the rest. It is on the hands of the human to transform the common games for first person shooter or puzzles to co-op crusades and showdown of the gladiator. Below mentioned are some of the top online multiplayer games that have been recently gaining a lot of popularity.

Best online multiplayer games for PC


1. Fortnite


The first shooter game by Epic came out as an interesting blend of sandbox, buildings, survival and other elements. Fortnite: Save the World, the first version of the game required you to build fortresses in order to fight an extreme zombie invasion. But the present Fortnite Battle Royale and conquered the world today. It is all due to the great number of Fortnite players around the world and the fact that this game is far more polished in comparison to Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds that this last man standing Extravaganza by Epic has turned out to be one of the most popular mass multiplayer online game for PC.


2. Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


A mobile version of this game has also come up for Android users. While the choice among Fortnite and PUBG is completely relative and as per the choice of the player, PUBG has gained significant fans in the past two years. It is a mass multiplayer shooting game where 100 players are deployed from an about to explode plane into an unknown island and the last man standing is the winner. Players can find weapons, shields, vehicles and a lot of other things inside the buildings in the game in order to combat the other players. The play area shrinks on a continuous basis, forcing the players to come closer in a constricted zone and moving towards winning the game. ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ is the prize that you win when you finish the game. There is no place for 2nd or 3rd spot.


3. H1Z1


This is another multiplayer battle royale game that was released on February 28th this year for Windows client. Daybreak Game Company has developed and published this game and is free to play. The development began when the original game H1Z1 was divided into H1Z1: Just Survive and another spate project named H1Z1: King of the Kill back in 2016. While the gameplay is quite similar to that of PUBG with 100 players competing to be the last standing man, players can also choose to play team matches with 5 players, solo games and duo teams to win the death match.


4. Rainbow 6 Seige: Operation Grim Sky


This is one of the latest First Person Shooting (FPS) game from Tom Clancy’s collection that has been recently released. The game has brought in two new operators namely, Maverick and Clash. Along with this, a new rework for Hereford and countless other highlights like reworks on the hatch, consulate map buff and many more have been brought in to this new release. If you have played the other seasons of Rainbow 6 Seige, then this is something you would never want to miss. This new season was officially unveiled on 4th September 2018 in Paris.


5. Overcooked 2


It is a simulation game for cooperative cooking developed by Ghost Town Games. The previous version of the game was released to be run on a lot of platforms including Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is one of the best online multiplayer cooking games where up to four players can team up and prepare orders for a restaurant. Players can cut and cook the ingredients to prepare the dishes, prepare the plates by combining the items and then serve them to the customers through a conveyor belt. In comparison to the original game, new features such as chef costumes, new recipes, and restaurant themes have been incorporated in it to make it more interactive. There are additional obstacles such as impassable fire, portals and moving walkways and floors in some levels to complicate the progress of the game.

Best online multiplayer games for PC

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For multiplayer PC games, it is not always about the game that makes it a success but the players. In depth game plays and stunning graphics can only contribute to making a title standout of...