Best Games for PC – Suggestions that all gamers should try

PC game lovers find it a very hard task to choose a game that can provide them with the best experiences. While choice of genre may vary from player to player, there are some games that can take in anybody’s interest. Today we are going to discuss 5 such games that have been immensely celebrated by players around the world.

Best Games for PC – Suggestions that all gamers should try


1. Tomb Raider


The Tomb Raider game has been a huge success straight from the first version of the game. The initial game dates back to 1996 and it was the first game with third person view at that time. The gameplay has the best blends of combats, solving puzzles, exploring the environment, climbing structures and what, not more. The storyline has been so enchanting that the Tomb Raider movie in 2018 has completely adopted almost the entire story from the game. The lead character Lara Croft and her actions have attracted huge fans from all corners of the globe. The latest version of the game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year. The developers have released 18 different stories for the game in the last 22 years, with the last one being released on 14th September, 2018.


2. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time


It has been one of the counted numbers of games known to make successful jumps from the 2D game play to the 3D version. Considering that context, it is somewhat similar to Mario 64. The main difference about it is that Mario 64 took in a new approach to adjust the new dimensions while Prince of Persia had worked on the old formula to bring up the new revelation to platform 3D games. What is more, is that the game developing team has taken in careful consideration to bring in acrobatic puzzles with the jumps and platforms in the game. Well, players can even use the Sands of Time to go back in time in case they miss a jump. The jumps and movements in this game are not just a way to move forward or up but a way developed for the game progress.


3. Assassin’s Creed Series


With nearly 20 games being released under the gaming series of Assassin’s Creed, it is one of the most favorite choices in the world of PC games. With 9 mainline stories and 11 spin-offs including 2D side scroll games, this game takes crusade era fighting to a new level. The latest release in the series plots its stories back to the 404 B.C. The story fold is similar to that Star Trek in the sense that it back folds the past stories – but through a present-day innovation known as the Animus. Ubisoft has sold over 93 million copies of the game within a span of 8 years.



If anyone loves team gaming then this is the option for them. Developed by Electronic Arts, it is one of the games that can compete at par with Assassin’s Creed. With FIFA 19 coming into action, the craze among the game lovers has been at their peak. Not only one can try out skills and play the game as players from any team of the FIFA federations, but they can also create and manage their own team. This feature has brought in new heights to the world of sports gaming. If you are a soccer lover then this is one game that you should not miss by any chance.


5. Far Cry


This is another example of the Ubisoft brilliance that is centered on open-world gaming. The latest addition the game series – Far Cry 5 has brought in great success for the developing team. With this, Ubisoft has successfully released the 12th sequence to the game where the hero is required to secure a place for his people in order to keep them safe. Melee combats in addition to beast companions of the various versions of the games make it quite engaging. It is one of the games by Ubisoft that takes open world fighting game plays to a whole new level.