Become a true Vampyr and experience a stunning story

We rarely have games about vampires, and it’s a shame. There’s a huge demand for games with this subject matter, even if it might not feel like that. However, Vampyr tries to bring in a really nice story that pits vampires against humans once again. But this is not an action game, it’s more of a story-driven experience and one that ends up being very enjoyable to begin with.


We have to warn you that Vampyr is a game full of dialogue. It does have its fair share of action, but around half of the game will be spent interacting with people and solving quests. You have your fair share of choices in the game and you can easily explore the world trying to complete those quests the best way that you can.


The atmosphere in this game is exactly what you want, it’s pretty much from Bram Stoker’s novels and onto the screen. Since the game has a ton of dialogue, you do want the voice acting to be great and it really is like that. The main character is very easy to get behind when it comes to motivation, and his voice is great. Sure, some of the side characters have dubious or repetitive voices, but that’s ok.

Become a true Vampyr and experience a stunning story


Graphics in Vampyr are pretty good too. They are not the best out there, nor should you expect something like this. The idea here is that you want to figure out what type of content you want and how you can enhance everything based on your own requirements.


Vampyr has its own skill tree. It’s not a very complex one, but it does provide you with different ways to customize your character. This way you do have a little bit of replay value, which is always a nice thing to have in such a game.


You can either feed on your NPCs or you can heal them. The choice is yours, but it does bring in front different outcomes. That’s what makes Vampyr so good, the fact that you have a choice system and everything you do actually matters.

Vampyr - Good graphics game


Performance can be a bit better, especially for PC. The level and progression system are unbalanced, to the point where you end up dealing with very powerful characters super fast. The art style could be more grim, but in the end that’s up to you and what you expect from a game like this.


You can be pacifist, you can also attack everyone if that’s what you want. The idea is to always come up with your own approach and just pursue the desired goal. Sometimes it will be easy, other times it will be very hard to handle. But in the end what really matters the most is that you can retain a great experience and the results will definitely shine which is what you really need.


Even if Vampyr is not the perfect vampire game, it’s very good. It’s more of a deep RPG with a dark theme that you can get immersed into and enjoy if you want a good story!