Battlefield V Getting Positive Changes To Make It Even Better

Battlefield V is having a really hard time as of late. The fact that the game has had its priced slashed as much as 50 percent is perhaps the biggest of the changes in Battlefield V. However, Dice have been hard at work fine tuning the game to make sure that for those who are enjoying Battlefield it is as good as can be.


One change that has happened is the time to kill and time to die mechanic. This was a rather strange one. Some players felt that they died far too quickly and other players felt that it took far too long to kill other players. In an ideal world when one player takes down another it should be the exact same time for both. This though is not always the case, for example, the player who died can feel like they died really fast, but for the attacking player, it may have felt like it took far too many shots for the opponent to fall.


This can be down to issues with the net code, latency and a few other under the hood issues. Dice made fixing this one of the first big changes in Battlefield V that they got to. The fact that they went above and beyond to try and fix this shows that they are listening to the community.

Battlefield V Getting Positive Changes To Make It Even Better


Another way that they have listened to the community is with the Attrition System. The Attrition System is one of those things that on paper sounds like a great idea. The idea of the Attrition System was that when you died you would not just respawn straight back in with a full magazine and all your health back. You would spawn in with low health and low ammo. This would force you to be more tactical with how you reentered the battle. The idea was to make Battlefield V a thinking man’s shooter and not just a run and gun style game.


In theory, this is a very good idea, players though felt otherwise and there were many heated debates on social media. Some folks loved it, others hated it and felt like they were being harshly punished for dying. Dice and EA did listen though and made some major changes to the Attrition System, you now spawn back in with a medical pack and more ammo than before. This is kind of the best of both worlds and for the time being it appears to have kept most Battlefield V fans happy.

Battlefield V Game Up gradation


Dice have added in the last part of the story to Battlefield V which was one of the most recent changes in Battlefield V. Dice to be fair to them are fantastic when it comes to not just adding new and exciting content. They are also great at getting under the hood of their games and making sure they are running as good as can be. Like the two example, we have looked at today show. Dice are going to keep listening to the community and trying their best to keep everyone happy.


Battlefield V may not be getting the sales that EA and Dice would like. However, Battlefield V is a truly fantastic game and one that is well worth checking out. Especially now that most stores and even digitally the game is half price!