Best Soundbars of 2018- For Improved Audio Quality

Investing into one of the best soundbars for TV shows will give your home theatre the one feature it might be missing – high quality audio. Its not very hard to understand that as the size of TVs get thinner, there is great compromise being made on their internal audio systems. In todays modern world, TV sound simply sounds pale in comparison to even the most basic soundbars that you can buy.


Soundbars are typically placed in front of TV screens and are especially designed to take over the audio from your television. These soundbars can also be a great alternative for smaller rooms that cannot fit an entire speaker system. The most exciting feature of these soundbars is that even though they seem like small front facing speakers, they can channel audio in ways much similar to home theatre systems, making it seem like there is booming audio coming from behind you as well!


The best soundbars for TV shows are the most reasonable way to get sound that is just as impactful and rich as the ultra HD images on your TV screen.


What’s the best Soundbar?


Simply put, the best soundbar for TV shows must offer a minimalistic style, exhilarating sound system, and the feature to stream audio from any internet or mobile device without any additional unit.


Soundbars can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a price range from $100 to even over $1,500. The cheapest models typically have basic features and the more expensive ones can have exquisite features like HDMI inputs or wireless streaming and better battery capacity.


Here are a few choices that fall in the middle of this vast spectrum:


The best soundbars for TV shows




This soundbar acts like an all-in-one package. With its highly reasonable price and two virtual surround modes that can provide a much wider surround sound, this sleek soundbar can act as a perfect complement to your new TV to stream your favorite shows.

Best Soundbars of 2018- For Improved Audio Quality


Its most attracting feature has to be the two different modes it offers that can specifically cater to different types of visual effects. For action scenes, this soundbar can provide boasting clear treble and a warm bass. For slower, dialogue centric effects, the Clear Voice mode is perfect to enjoy the dialogue delivery at the best possible surround effects.


As for the price, the YAMAHA YAS-207 currently retails at $299, which is very reasonable for the variety of features it has to offer.


2. Samsung HW-N950


Although Samsung is typically known in this industry for its remarkable TVs, the company’s significant investment in 3D sound is nothing but a complement to their existing products.

Best Soundbars of 2018 - More advanced features


As this new version of the Samsung soundbar replaces the previous one, it is obvious that the company is making sure to provide customers with the best quality audio it can. This new soundbar not only has a wireless subwoofer, but also two whopping wireless satellite speakers that take the sound effects experienced to a whole new level. These speakers can bounce sound off the ceiling and provide an absolutely thrilling surround sound!


As far as the price is concerned, this has to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum. However, with the features that it offers and an official Samsung warranty, this long-term investment of around $1,600 might just be worth it.