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How To Pick The Right Soundbar

In 2019 it is easier than ever before to bring the magic of the movie theatre to your home a huge part of having a great home cinema is great sound. The problem with this is that while TVs are getting better and better from a picture point of view. A sacrifice many TV’s make for that fine form factor is a tiny, underpowered speaker. That is where a soundbar comes in!

Instead of looking at soundbars that cost just 30 bucks! Here are some tips to make sure that your home theatre is really rocking when it comes to sound.

No Less Than 3 Channels!

If you want a true home cinema experience, your soundbar has to have at least three channels. This way you are getting as close to a surround sound experience as possible. 2 channel soundbars may be cheap, but they are cheap for a reason!

Look For An Active Soundbar

An active soundbar is one that has an amplifier built directly into it. What is the big deal about this? Well it means your sound has far more kick to it and in general will be more powerful and of a higher quality than a soundbar that is passive.

Place Your Soundbar In The Right Area

Soundbars look cool, but you do not want to get one that is wider than your TV as this will make it stand out like a sore thumb. Of course, the placement of your soundbar will probably be dictated by where your TV is.

You should pick a soundbar that can easily sit on the unit below where you have your TV or one that can easily be mounted on the wall if your TV is mounted on the wall. This looks cool and it is much better having the sound coming from the exact direction that your TV is.

Check The Connections

When it comes to connecting your sources to a soundbar for me HDMI is the way to go. That though is not everyone’s taste and the style of your home theatre may dictate you have to have as many things be wireless as possible.

Make sure when you are looking at soundbars that you check the connectivity options that they offer. While I prefer to have my equipment directly connected, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options may suit your own home cinema better. Having as many input methods as possible is not a bad thing at all!


Check The Warranty!!!

I have found over the years that the amount of time you get from a soundbar tends to differ from model to model. So, with that being said always be sure to check what kind of warranty you are getting with the soundbar you like the look of.

A few years back I purchased a soundbar and 13 months in it just died, I was basically told tough luck! There are some that offer much more extended warranties and will really look after you once you have bought it. Those are the kinds of companies that you really want to be dealing with.

How To Pick The Right Soundbar

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In 2019 it is easier than ever before to bring the magic of the movie theatre to your home a huge part of having a great home cinema is great sound. The problem with this...

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