Pros and Cons of a Home Projector TV

While having a 4K big screen TV is awesome. Having a projector in your home really takes you movie and even sport watching to the next level. I got into the home theatre thing a few years back and honestly, I would never look back!

I am not saying that I would ever recommend that someone has a projector as a replacement for a TV. However, if you love movies and love the cinema. Having a projector is the best way to get that same kind of experience at home. Today I thought I would share with you why having a home projector is awesome, as well as looking at some of the “cons” that go with it.


The Pros:

Here are some reasons why having a home projector is awesome!

Pros of a Home Projector

The Screen

The big draw, of course, is the big screen that you can get! You can get home projector screens in all sizes. Currently, I am using a 120-inch screen as that fits my home theatre best, but you can get smaller and even larger screens. Watching a movie like Avengers, Star Wars or Avatar on a big screen is always awesome.

Screens resolution of home projector

It Is More Affordable Than You Would Think

Getting a home theatre setup is way cheaper than you would think. A 70 inch or bigger 4K TV can cost you over a grand, sometimes a couple of grand depending on the make and model. You can get a 4K projector and a massive screen for a fraction of that price. Granted you have to do your homework to make sure you get a good quality one. However, the price for home projectors has really come down in recent years.

home projector

It Is More Relaxing

I do not know what it is, but there is just something so much more relaxing about watching a movie on the big screen. A projector will not be as bright or as “in your face” as a 4K TV and as a result, the viewing experience can be far more relaxed than watching your TV.


The Cons:

Here are, not so much “cons” but things to certainly consider when getting a home projector.


Getting The Room Right

Setting up the projector and the screen is very easy actually. Getting the room just right on the other hand takes a bit more work. Light is the worst enemy for a home theatre. You need to have your room as dark as possible to make sure you are getting the best viewing experience possible. Depending on your room, this can be rather challenging and require you to buy extra stuff like blackout blinds.


The Sound

I pity the poor folks who buy a projector and think that the built-in speakers are going to be ok. I have used three different projectors in my home theatre. The current one being a higher end 4K one and the sound still sucks! You simply must have a sound system that is going to rock the house if you want to get the best out of your home theatre.

Projection distance and size of home projector

Lamps Do Not Last Forever

What brings your movies to life on your projector screen is the lamp. These lamps do not last forever and depending on how heavy use you give it, will depend on how soon you have to replace it. I think getting a couple of years out of a lamp is possible, but I do know some people who have had to replace their lamp in about a year due to using it a ton.