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Netflix vs Amazon Prime TV

I have been with Netflix since they started their streaming service and I must admit that never once have I felt like canceling my subscription. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, I am a little late to the party with, but once I got a free trial (and also used one with my wife’s name) I wondered why we had not been making use of this?

I love both Netflix and Amazon Prime and in a house that only watches TV via Streaming, they both get a lot of use. Today I am going to lay it all on the table and pick which of these two streaming services I feel has the best content and offers the best value for money.

Before I start talking about the actual streaming, we have to mention that Amazon Prime is more than just a streaming service and you do get a lot of bang with your buck. For the number of movies, games, books and so on that my family orders. We probably pay five bucks a month once you factor in what we save on shipping with Amazon Prime. That I am not taking into account, I am looking at Prime as a streaming service only.

Let’s start with Netflix. For me, Netflix is something that anyone can use. My 84-year-old grandma in Scotland uses Netflix on a daily basis! I love how you can have different profiles and depending on the subscription plan you have. Multiple people can watch at once. I really do like the profiles that it has. The stuff it suggests to me is much different than the stuff it suggests to my wife and it is clever at picking up on what you like.

Netflix has a ton of content and it differs from country to country, but I always find something to watch. I love the Netflix Originals that they have done. Orange is the New Black, Umbrella Academy, Dead to Me, Santa Clarita Diet and Punisher being some of my personal favorites. It is like each week there is a new Netflix Original movie or TV show to enjoy.

I find searching for stuff on Netflix to be very easy. I also really like how when I go to a category, let’s say action for example. They tend to change the order that the movies are listed in and this is something I do really like.

Now let’s look at Amazon Prime. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Originals are their own exclusive content and I have loved shows like The Purge, The Tick and American God. I also think that Amazon is starting to get some awesome exclusive movies on here. I also love how all of the Amazon Prime Original content is in 4K and they do not ask for a higher subscription price for 4K.

Actually, I have to say that in general, I feel that Amazon Prime (at least on my 4K 55-inch Samsung TV) has slightly better video quality. That is not just for their own Prime Originals, but the other stuff that is on there in general.

I think that Amazon Prime has a ton of content on there for you to enjoy as part of your Prime subscription and I think my wife and I have watched every episode of The Office and Parks and Recreation about 10 times! However, Amazon Prime is not as organized if you ask me.

I find that when I go to a category, like horror. It does not just show the same movies over and over, but it shows them in the same order so I feel like I am just being recommended the same stuff over and over again. Also, Amazon has many other shows and movies that are not part of your Prime subscription sprinkled in which can be annoying.

It is cool that Amazon Prime has gone for its own style. In all honesty, though I think they would have been better just copying what Netflix do in terms of the user interface. I know that my wife has a much harder time finding specific seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime than she does Netflix.

So, what one do I like best. Well, I do love them both and both tend to get used on a daily basis in my house. However, Netflix for me is still the king of streaming. I just like how easy they make things and also their Netflix Originals so far is far more diverse than Amazon Prime Originals.



Netflix vs Amazon Prime TV

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I have been with Netflix since they started their streaming service and I must admit that never once have I felt like canceling my subscription. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, I am a little...