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In a similar fashion as apple, the world awaits with bated breath the release of the Samsung Galaxy s10 which is expected to undergo a design overhaul. The flagship phones from tech giants, Samsung is rumored to sport notable designs. New cutout infinity display and more camera than fingers on one man’s hand.


The s10 is expected to be unveiled either at CES which is coming up in January 2019 or right ahead at MWC February 2019. Either ways, we know for certain it will not be long before we lay our hands on the highly-anticipated-probably-most-powerful-smartphone of 2019.



According to DJ Koh, Samsung mobile business chief, the Samsung Galaxy s10 will have some “very significant” design changes and come in some “amazing” colors. A recent leak suggests the color variant will be black, blue, green, grey, red and yellow. However, Samsung gave hints during a software announcement that the phone will come in black, blue, green, pink and silver options, and will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Upon release of Google’s pixel 3XL, Samsung criticized the notch in their design. It is therefore expected that the s10 will as well be without a notch. A resolution of 1440 x3040 and slim bezels are rumored to be part of the amazing display which also features a larger, sharper screen fitted into the same size body, with an aspect ratio of 19.9 instead of the notch, we expect to see a flat “infinity 0” display. This possibly means Samsung may altogether ditch bezels (or at least in one model) and feature a circular cut-out towards the left of the display. The punched hole will most likely or for the selfie camera. This design will be similar to the A8S already released by Samsung.


The source of the leaks referred to this possible prototype as “a design beyond” and the codename for the Galaxy s10 is believed to be “beyond”.


The Galaxy s10 is rumored to be available in three sizes; Beyond 0 may have a 5.8-inch screen, Beyond1 may have a curved 5.8-inch screen and Beyond2 may sport 6.2-inch curved screen.

Samsung Galaxy s10 with new cutout infinity display


With the all screen design that has been tipped for the phone, we should not be surprised at the presence of an in-screen fingerprint scanner, particular the ultrasonic Qualcomm scanner already adopted by Huawei and Viva. The iris scanning technology may also be traded for a much improved 30 face scanner, much like the one used by the iPhone X.


Another possibility is for the Beyond 0 to sport either a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and an optical one instead of the high-end ultrasonic scanner.


It is also rumored that the speaker might be placed in the screen, as Samsung have already teased such possibility by showing off Samsung Display. This will go to make rumors of a bezel-less device more grounded.


Another expectation is for the basic model to have a single-lens camera, mid-rangers are tipped to have dual-lens and the most expensive is expected to have triple-lens camera; one wide-angle lens, one telephoto lens and a standard lens.

Samsung Galaxy s10 will be the most powerful smartphone of 2019.


Since Samsung announced the Exynos 9820, it is expected to power most phones outside the US. This smaller octa-core chipset should reduce power consumption by 10%. In comparison to the s9. It should as well offer better performance and should generally support augmented reality use.


A version of the s10 is expected to run 5G and as such will not run on this chipset. In the US, snapdragon 855 (8150) is expected to power it. We also expect to see 8GB ram chip, although having 10GB of RAM will not be an odd choice for the powerful gizmo.


The s9 of 2018 sold for about $719 upon release and we expect that with the design overhaul and grand additions, the s10 series will cost nothing less upon release.


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In a similar fashion as apple, the world awaits with bated breath the release of the Samsung Galaxy s10 which is expected to undergo a design overhaul. The flagship phones from tech giants, Samsung is...