Amazon launches Patient Data-mining Service

Amazon is always striving to invest in new technologies and their new approach seems to be at least very interesting. The great thing about their approach is that they created a data analytics product that scours unstructured data within EMRs. This is designed to offer doctors insights that they would otherwise miss. The idea is to offer patients a better service, and doing that with such an approach might very well be the best thing to focus on.

The Comprehend Medical AWS cloud service is a natural language processing engine. The thing to notice about it is that it’s designed to read physician notes, audio interview transcripts, radiology and pathology reports or patient prescriptions, among others. Once you offer Comprehend Medical AWS access to this info, it will use machine learning in order to offer medical information about every select patient.

Using AI and machine learning to compile all this data is certainly the right thing to do and the results are downright amazing at least in the beginning. The treat here is that a doctor can access medical conditions, PHI, tests, treatments, medication, procedures they underwent at one point and so on. Everything here is so refined and personalized so you always get to have a tremendous experience and results that you will enjoy all the time.

It’s interesting to see just how much technology has evolved. 8 years ago only 10% of all hospitals use EMRs, now more than 80% have such a unit. But the best thing is that there’s a lot of data that comes from these units. And up until this point there was no way for doctors to access such data. Which is why Amazon decided to step in and help the doctors in need. It really is something unique and distinct, and you should totally check it out the best way that you can.

Being able to study and identify any potential health problems is a great idea. After all, no doctor can study thousands of medical records and other personal information for every patient. Adding the Comprehend Medical AWS support definitely helps and it just goes to show the true value and quality brought by such a system. It’s unlike anything that you can find out there and you will be incredibly happy with the unique approach and the outstanding assistance that you can get from this.

So yes, even if the technology is new lots of doctors are already interested in it. It’s easy to see why, this helps doctors focus more on helping patients instead of scouring hours and hours through medical records. It also goes to show that AI has lots of great uses, and as long as we make the most out of it we will have no problem achieving great results. Will all doctors use this? That’s hard to say, but either way it’s a great time saver for every doctor. So we might eventually see this in various doctor offices all over the country.