256 GB, 11-inch iPad Pro support touch sensitive Apple Pencil on Edge to Edge Display

The New iPad Pro features are quite impressive and that’s mainly because the new unit might have 11 inches, but it comes with a chock full of great features that you can use and enjoy at your own pace. And the cool thing about all of this is that you have the display curved at the corners, there’s no screen space taken by the home button either.


The lack of touch ID is definitely not something people will miss. It did make for a great experience, but a lot of people don’t really like that and they want stuff that’s a bit more refined and interesting. In addition, you have a backlight design and antialising and pixel masking that actually works to your own advantage most of the time. The unit is pretty slim too, it has 5.9 mm in thickness, so it’s easy to carry around, not to mention it doesn’t require a ton of space either, which is always a good thing.


It’s also important to note that Apple removed the Lightning port from this, now they have an USB C connector and that’s maybe for the better because you have a lot more control and the value as a whole is definitely better due to such an approach.


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Face ID on an iPad makes a lot of sense. You do have an edge to edge display, so adding Face ID in there does feel natural and pretty exciting when it comes to stuff like this. It really is the type of thing that can do wonders for you, and the cool thing is that they added a touch sensitive Apple Pencil this time around. The pencil is not mandatory, however it does tend to work very well for creatives in general.


We like the fact that you have 256 GB of storage. Since this is a Pro unit, it has to be treated like one and having more storage is always going to matter for a lot of people. Yes, it’s not the utmost storage option out there, but in the end quality is what matters the most and if you can get enough storage, then so be it. It does go up to 1TB of storage, which is great for a portable device like this.



They also added an A10 processor here, and the Bluetooth 5 support offers faster speeds, which is always a neat thing to have. Are the New iPad Pro features worth it? That depends on what you want to use this for. As a whole, it feels like a great package and it definitely delivers the quality and powerful features you want from something like this. It’s not the smallest nor the lightest iPad out there, but it is a unique piece and you will enjoy using it a lot. Sure, the price point is a bit high but if you want a professional tablet that you can use to replace your laptop, this will be worth a shot!


Apple iPad Pro Specifications