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The Benefits of Gaming

I was long a console gamer, but I had always had a “work pc” that I would use. Having to use a computer for work kind of put me off getting a gaming PC for many years. I always associated the PC with work or at the very best, a place where I did my shopping,


Then one day I took the plunge (thanks to a great deal) and purchased my first rather modest gaming PC and I have been a fan ever since. I will never move away completely from my consoles, but I do feel that gaming PC’s have a ton of benefits and that is what we are looking at today.

Best Of Both Worlds

My wife also uses our gaming PC, but not to play video games. She likes to use it to surf the internet, play around on Facebook, plan our vacations, mess around with photos and even work. The thing is, a gaming PC is 99/100 way more powerful than a regular PC this makes doing normal tasks much quicker and more efficient. So much so that my wife never uses her laptop now.


Play The Way You Want

While it is true that PC gaming can be very expensive. It does not have to be. I have had some very modest gaming PCs over the years. You do not have to spend a thousand bucks to experience PC gaming. Granted a more modest rig will not let you play games at the highest settings, but with a bit of playing around even the most modest gaming PC’s can give you a great experience.

Of course, on the flip side of that, you can go all out and have a true monster of a machine that can do it all. Gaming PC’s are great for letting you upgrade a piece at a time and ultimately allowing you to play however you want.

The Best Visual Experience PC

The Best Visual Experience

Ok, so again this will depend on the kind of gaming PC setup that you have. However, there is no way that the PlayStation 4 Pro or even the Xbox One X can compete with a high-end gaming PC in terms of visuals. If you see a game running on ultra-settings on a PC that can actually do it your jaw will be on the floor at how much better it can look.


Plenty Of Controller Options

With the PS4 and Xbox One, you have to use a certain controller. PC gaming allows you to use pretty much what you want. I am still not 100 percent a keyboard and mouse kind of guy, but that does not really matter as there are a ton of control pads I can use, not to mention I can just plug in my Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller and use that.

Plenty Of Controller Option

Game Mods

One of the coolest things about playing games on PC is the modding community. I have played some crazy mods over the years for all kinds of games. Sure, Minecraft is the obvious example, but I have played mods on wrestling games, first person shooters, RPG’s and everything in between.


Games Are Cheaper

Thanks to not having to pay a licensing fee to Microsoft or Sony, brand new games on PC do tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts. Also, very few PC games get a digital release (the real reason console games are never cheaper digitally) so PC games do not have that to worry about also.

However, the real way to save money on PC games is Steam and their crazy sales that seem to happen all of the time. How people make money on some games is beyond me, but Steam sales really are a thing of beauty.


These, of course, are just a few of the benefits of PC gaming. I know the entry into PC gaming can seem expensive and daunting, but it really does not have to be!




The Benefits of Gaming

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I was long a console gamer, but I had always had a “work pc” that I would use. Having to use a computer for work kind of put me off getting a gaming PC for...