How To Win At Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing is the third (well not counting Sonic Drift or R) racing game to feature Sonic from Sumo Digital. It is a really fun game, but even though it is fun it can be quite the challenge. Here are some tips to help you “go fast!”


Embrace The Slipstreams

The team mechanic of this game is something very clever from Sega and Sumo Digital. The player from your team who is leading the pack will cause a slipstream. If you drive in this you can use it to give you a boost of speed. It is a super handy feature and one that is as essential as power sliding!

Mod Pods To The Max

Like many other modern racing games, Team Sonic Racing has customizable cars. This happens in the form of Mod Pods. Mod Pods are random balls that give you cool stuff. Get as many of these as you can and be sure to check and see what combinations improve a car best. Sometimes using the wrong combination can actually make a car worse!


Team Work!

As well as the slipstream being a big factor of the team aspect of the game. You can also share items that you pick up. If you are ahead of your two teammates, you should always be sharing your items with them.

Master Drifting

Just like in Sonic Racing Transformer and even the first game, drifting is something that you simply must master in order to get through the game. Team Sonic Racing actually has some great drifting, but it feels different than the drifting in Mario Kart. It can take a while to get it down just right.

Drifting will give you a little speed boost each time you come out of one so be sure to drift as much as you can.

Play With Friends

There was no way Sega was ever going to release a racing game without multiplayer. While playing against your friends is a lot of fun. If you want to earn as many Mod Pods as you can as quickly as possible One way that you can do this is by actually making sure you all play on the same team.

This was you can work together and get the most Mod Pods possible. Also, it is actually a whole lot of fun to work together in this game.

Speed Boost At The Start Of A Race

Team Sonic Racing can give you a helping hand at the start of a race, as long as you know what you are doing! When the race start timer is counting down. Hit the accelerator on each number. If you time your presses right, you will get a speed boost at the start of the race.

This is much harder to do than the speed boost at the start of Mario Kart so do not be put off if it takes you a while to get the timing down just right.