How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nintendo Switch

It was recently in the news that the Nintendo Switch has now overtaken the PlayStation 4 in Japan. The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a monster of a hit for Nintendo and the big releases look set to just keep on coming.

The Nintendo Switch is a great device, but to make sure you are getting the very best out of your Nintendo Switch, you need to follow these tips we have for you here.

Get More Storage!

The best tip that we can give you is in regards to the storage space. The Nintendo Switch only has 32 GB of internal storage space. In 2019 this is nowhere near enough, some Nintendo Switch games have a mandatory download required and these can be 6 GB, 8GB or even more!

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a nice large SD card so that storage space is not going to be an issue for you in the future. An SD card is something that really is an essential purchase for any Nintendo Switch owner.

Protect The Switch!

A huge appeal of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it can be taken anywhere. This, of course, puts the console at risk so you want to do all you can to protect it. You can get a screen protector that will save the screen from scratches for next to nothing.

As well as this, get yourself a storage case. Nintendo makes some awesome models that have Mario. Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link and many more of your favorite characters on them. With one of these, your Nintendo Switch is protected while in your bag and it will also give you a space to store some of your game cartridges.

Save The Battery

One way that you can give the Nintendo Switch battery a helping hand is by turning on airplane mode when in handheld mode. This will stop the Switch from trying to find an access point, this actually saves far more battery than you would think and will also help your Nintendo Switch run better in handheld mode.

Speaking of the battery, if you do take your Switch on long road trips, you might want to look into getting an external battery pack so you do not have to miss out on any gaming!

Get An Extra Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is one of the best video game controllers of this console generation. Nintendo really has made a truly awesome controller. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller comes in some really cool designs and the price may seem high, but this is a very well-made controller.

It is also worth noting that Nintendo makes some great wired controllers. These are a lot of fun and feature some cool designs such as Mario, Link, and even Crash Bandicoot. Best of all these Nintendo Switch wired controllers can be found for as little as 20 bucks.