Samsung Galaxy S9 versions receive update of Night Mode feature

Samsung Galaxy came up last year with S9 and S9+ and they are capable devices even today holding their flagships price. The cameras on these both phones are really good, but their photography low light prowess requires a lot more. This is addressed now by offering Galaxy S9 and S9+ a dedicated Night mode feature that was the Galaxy S10 series feature.


More updates

The Night Mode is a serious update offered to Galaxy S9 and S9+ as this has improved the camera performance to a very great level. The update also includes ‘Background blurs intensity to support selfies’. This means it offers more control over the blur amount you want in the images to be captured using Live Focus.


The Night Mode update will be soon available on all the phones. The S9 series of Galaxy was shipped with aperture cameras to work in association with new Night mode in tandem.


The updated weighs 574MB and will come in association with an android security patch and a few minor QoL updates. This update will be now available in south-east some Asian regions. It is anticipated to make way to its global markets soon.  Triggering manually the update is essential by heading to Settings> software update and to tap the manual option of Download updates.


Other improvements

Besides the functionality of the Night Mode, the update will include improvements in a bucket load. This will ensure enhances stability and performance. The camera performance is now improved and this is applicable for the phone security and usability, as well.


The update of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ update includes other improvements such as adjustment of the background blur on ‘Live focus’ mode for a selfie camera.  The other improvements hit update hit areas such as Contacts, Messaging, and Gallery. The update is sizeable at 575MB; it means you must have on your phone enough free space. Applying the update will be immensely useful.


The new update now will be in Asia rolling out first. However, for now, the users of Samsung 9 and 9+  in Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand can download the available update for this month, June 2019 and there will be in the coming few days a wider rollout to commence.