The reigning kings of true wireless earbuds keeping you free from wires

Headphones have taken a back-seat as the wireless audio offer better sound performance. Listeners also can enjoy cordless audio benefits. These wireless buds are truly effective as there are no cables hanging to get tangled or caught in the desk or jacket zipper.

True wireless earbuds are expensive than basic wireless earbuds, besides they do not offer noise-canceling. However, to enjoy wireless earbuds, the cable-free convenience, get ready to pay the additional upfront cost. Here is a list of wireless earbuds:

RHA TrueConnect

This wireless earbud weighs 13g offering an onboard battery life of 5 hours. The charging case of battery life takes 20 hours.

The RHA TrueConnect is the wireless headphone from RHA. This wireless headphone offers a combo of battery life, sound quality, and wireless reliability. The RHA offers premium products.

Jabra Elite 65t

This is a genuine wireless headphone worth buying. It offers an onboard battery life of 2.5 hours and the charging case of battery life required is 25 hours.

This wireless headphone offers balanced sound quality. You can pair it with wireless earbuds, Jabra Elite 65t. Impressive earbuds are Jabra Elite 65t offering a mature, subtle look and a wireless reliable connection. They are also great for any comparable competition as they are in budget price.

Beats PowerBeats Pro

For an impressive-fitting workout, you must consider the beats PowerBeats Pro. It offers an onboard battery life of 9 hours and the charging case of battery life is 16 hours.

The PowerBeats Pro is new wireless Beats headphones. They are very comfortable giving a decent sound and do not fall out, though they do not appear the same as the earbuds.

Jabra Elite Sport -Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite sport wireless earbuds match fitness tracking. The onboard battery life is 4.5 hours and the charging case of battery life is 13.5 hours.

If you are more into athletics, you will find the Jabra Elite Sport to be the ultimate choice of wireless earphones for all kinds of athletes and runners. There is a heart rate sensor that monitors your level of exertion while you exercise. However, this Jabra Elite Sport earbuds offer very good quality of sound.

Having a Jabra companion app you can track your exercise. In fact, you can kick off a workout as well and the heart rate tracker is reliable. However, ensure to fit the buds properly. These earbuds fit as a custom-molded earphone featuring excellent sound isolation and secure fit.