What is a smart TV, Know here the must – have features

Are you wondering if you should get a Smart TV or not? Firstly, understand what is a smart TV?


The smart TVs main feature is that it has internet connection. Majority smart TVs feature an Ethernet port and also Wi-Fi support as built in. This makes them to connect in your house anywhere. Of course, the Wi-Fi needs to be fast for all other reasons, in case you wish to stream 4K content or games, a hardwire is required to your network.

What is a smart TV, Know here the must – have features


The internet connection in the smart TV helps streaming television movies and shows from various apps such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and HBO. There will be occasionally free stuff available such as the Pluto TV, Tubi TV, or Crackle, while for all others you must subscribe. The smart TVs have web browsers, while some have cameras as well those using video-conferencing apps such as Skype can be done conveniently.

Majority Smart TVs feature an Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi support


Features a must-have in a Smart TV


Fast User Interface


This is a must-have feature in a smart TV. In case there is a Blu-ray Disc player, it is annoying to wait for it to load and appear. The smart TVs switch from one function, app or input. There is a need for fast interface so that you do that you want fast.


Stream Video Services


If you watch rented movies or tune into the new broadcast to local channels, then you are in no need of a Smart TV. But, to live a life, get a smart TV and sign for online streaming video service such as Amazon Prime Instant, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Crackel, Funny or Die.


There is HBO Now, Showtime Anytime, and CBS All Access. In case of fast Internet connection, you can enjoy more TV shows and movies to stream than the time to watch. However, you can only stream using an app or apps on your Smart TV has such that it supports the online service(s). For instance, Sling TV is an affordable substitute to cable subscription, however, even this can be seen only when your TV is compatible.


App Store


Technology does not wait for anyone and if you want to have the access to Smart TV, you must access the app store offering a series of applications to stay update with the services and features. Smart TV companies have their own app stores featuring different apps. Thus, a Smart TV also requires having an app.