Google Maps is offering a preview of the route facilitating the commuters on their drive

Are you driving to and from your work; a notification from Google Maps on your Android must be appearing. It offers you your upcoming journey detail ahead. This notification informs you of the distance of the drive even before you are behind the wheel. In fact, Google Maps also inform if there is plenty of traffic or even if it is a smooth going road.


Taking ahead

Google is now taking ahead of Google Maps by making major improvements. It is including a preview of your route. This will be suggested by Google Maps notification. It will offer you clarity on that you can expect while driving. The advantage is that users of Google maps can understand the navigation as the color codes are the same. In this way, you can know the traffic conditions ahead.

  • The blue color areas indicate the sections of the journey are clear.
  • The orange color indicates traffic will move slower.
  • The red color is an indication of a heavily congested area

Notification from Google MapsPreview in Google MapsBest navigation tool Google Maps

How to preview

Accessing the Preview in Google Maps is possible by expanding the notification. You will receive this regularly before your commutes in the morning and noon. The update has begun through a server-side update. Thus, Android users may not be able to access it right now.


Google keeps updating Maps. It also adds on its navigation app, Waze, several features. In fact, it also includes police information, crowdsourced traffic information, data of speed zone, and lots more. Precisely, Google Assistant is available and offers the ability in Maps to read, stream playlists, and to respond to texts. The idea is to allow virtual helpers to handle tasks and requests with ease. This eliminates the people behind the wheel to view at the screen down.


Best navigation tool

One of the best navigation tool Google Maps helps in finding events, restaurants, and places of visit in the city you are living or even in the city you plan to visit. The Explore tab is becoming more interesting as you can view additional categories. You may check Google Maps if you wish to see something new or even do some purchase on your way home. Find an eatery using the Google Maps in your local area or away, a breeze job.