Apple to slash production of iPhone and to launch iPhone 11

Recently, it is found that there is lately a serious drop in the demand of Apple Smartphones.  It is apparent that the Smartphone supply chain finds that drop in demand has made the Cupertino giant, Apple to slash the production of Smartphones. This time, it is for a new reason, a new launch.


Inventory in stock


It is found that the inventory of Apple iPhoneXS and XS Max inventory is huge that it can pull through 2019 second quarter.  This may be due to poor demand or due to denial in production cuts. Nevertheless, manufacturing is likely to take to a new turn.

Apple 11R

Apple is sure to compensate for the decline. It is getting ready to cut the production of older iPhone model. In fact, even the Smartphone iPhone XR was showing good sales in North America in 2019 initial three months. However, with the sales decline there may be another cost cut in the production.


Any changes in Apples iPhone production are certain to hit the older models. Potentially, Apple may ax its devices and now with the 7 series approaching its third birthday. If Apple is planning to go for a change, there will be models on sale in Indian markets for a small time.

iPhone 11


The giant, Apple is moving from the iPhone current lineup. However, it will on track without any delays with iPhone 11 and its variants, 11 Max and 11 R.


It is anticipated that the new iPhone 11 will have front panels paired with back extra cameras. The iPhone 11 and 11 Max will receive ultra-wide 12-megapixel angle lens offering a 120- degree view. On the other hand, the Apple new launch iPhone 11R will inherit a telephoto camera 12-megapixel offering 2x optical zoom.


The Outcome of the tensions


The tensions between the US and China is going to have a severe impact on Apple. Though, the sales estimation of iPhone 11 is not mentioned. The tension of China and the US is hitting hard the market share of Apple.  If these tensions continue, soon there will be a decline in the company’s share and it may affect ultimately the release of iPhone 11 this year.


Undoubtedly, Samsung will be the biggest beneficiary during these tensions. In fact, it has increased its component orders anticipating increased sales in the third quarter of this year.