Things To Consider When Buying A Tablet

It is pretty amazing how affordable tablets have become these days. Sure, you can get the latest and greatest iPad or what Samsung is offering and that is awesome. However, there are tablets on the market these days that cater to people from all walks of life. Today I want to share some ideas about what to look for when buying a tablet.

Three Point Plan

While each tablet you look at will have a ton of different specs, there are three main areas that you want to look at when purchasing a tablet. That is what I want to take a look at here. The first thing is the operating system. Basically, you are looking at iOS or Android. I would advise getting a tablet based on the operating system that you like, although Apple iPads tend to cost more than their Android counterparts.

The other two things to look at are first of all the size of the tablet. Tablets come in all sizes these days, but the two most common tend to be 7 and 10 inches. Think about what you want to use the tablet for and where you will be using it and what size makes the most sense for you.

The last of our three-point plan is functionality. I know for some digging into tech head style specs is not what they want. However, I would still advise you to read up on what the tablet you are interested in can actually do. For example, if you want a tablet that can play the latest games, you will need one with a little more horsepower than if you wanted one to just watch Netflix and look online.

What Apps Can You Get?

Unless you buy an older tablet of eBay or somewhere like that, chances are the tablet you purchase will be able to use the most common apps. I am talking about things like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and so on. These apps do not require much power at all and I would have a hard time believing that any tablet would not be able to run these.

For more technical advanced apps like a game or something like that. The app may show up in the app store, but it may not be compatible with the tablet you have. If there is a specific game or app that you must have on your new tablet, do a little homework to make sure it is compatible with it before you spend the money.

What About The Battery Life?

No matter if it is a tablet, laptop or handheld video game system it can be really hard to know what the exact battery life is. The reason for this is because there are many different factors that can deplete a battery faster than you would like.

A game will make the tablet use far more juice than just looking on the internet for example. Watching a YouTube video with the screen brightness all the way up and the volume to max will once again drain the battery quickly.

Read as many actual customer reviews as you can so you can get an idea of what the battery life is like. Look for things like, “I watched Netflix for about 4 hours before the battery died” and that will give you an indication on how the battery is.


These are the most basic things to look for when purchasing a new tablet, but I do feel that these are important and will help ensure you get a tablet that is practical for you.