Price Slashed for Google High-End Pixelbook, Buyers Get Alert

Black Friday has always been the perfect time of the year to pick up big savings on laptops and digital devices, and this year’s special Black Friday pricing on high-end Google Pixelbooks is no disappointment. Special holiday pricing takes $300 off all Google Pixelbook models, making them one of the true “must-buy” items of the season. As any Google Pixel Chromebook review makes clear, these Pixelbooks really are the highest-performance Chromebooks you can buy, so prices being slashed by this much is really cause for a buyer alert.


Without a doubt, these are the best prices yet on high-performance Google Chromebooks. Special Black Friday pricing is already available at top retailers like Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy and, of course, the Google Store. In fact, if you head on over to the Google Store, Google has made the slashed prices for the Google Pixel Chromebook a highlighted feature worthy of a buyer alert.

Price Slashed for Google High-End Pixelbook, Buyers Get Alert


According to just about any Google Pixelbook review you read, it’s obvious that the Google Pixelbook is the premier Chromebook to own for people who live a mobile lifestyle. It’s a thin, light and well-made laptop-tablet hybrid that has long outgrown any pejorative meanings attached to the term “Chromebook” by competitors. For one thing, these Pixelbooks come with ultra-powerful internal specs, work great as either a fully-fledged laptop or tablet and even offer support for the Pixelbook Pen. (Did we mention that you can draw and write on-screen?)


What is so noteworthy about the $300 price reduction is that it is truly an across-the-board cut on Pixelbook prices, bringing even the highest-end Pixelbook (priced at $1,349) down into the realm of affordability. If there was any user complaint about Google Pixelbooks, it was that it was difficult to reconcile the idea of paying a $1,000 price tag for a hybrid device that was part-laptop, part-tablet and that ran its own operating system (ChromeOS). Those concerns should be gone this holiday season.


The Google Pixelbook with Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD is now priced at an eye-popping $699. Compare that to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $999, and you can see why this Black Friday pricing is causing so much buzz. In fact, this version of the Google Pixelbook has never before been priced under $749, and most sellers will only mark it down to $925 when it goes on sale. Thus, being able to nab one for just $699 really is a Black Friday special.


The Google Pixelbook with 256 GB capacity is also marked down, from $1199 to $899. And, even the Pixelbook with seventh-generation Intel i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage is priced down $300, to $1,049.


As recent Google Pixel Chromebook reviews have shown, this is a digital device that is really the best of all worlds. It also gets regularly updated, showing just how important they are to Google. As a result, each Pixelbook runs smoothly on ChromeOS and offers plenty of versatility for all computing needs. As long as you don’t need to do a lot of heavy-duty video editing, the Google high-end Pixelbook has you covered.


If you’ve put off the idea of buying a Google Pixelbook, this special Black Friday pricing might finally convince you to battle the Black Friday crowds and pick up a high-end Pixelbook while supplies are still available.