Microsoft surface 2 review- is sequel better than original

Here we are just going to open to you the major improvement on the sequel, and maybe at the end of this article, it’ll be glaring to you which is indeed better.


The Surface Book 2 design is no different from the original surface book as it’s still the same silver-grey magnesium chassis with the exceptional fulcrum hinge and the gap between the keyboard and the display.

Microsoft only made a few upgrades on the surface 2 in terms of engineering. The only apparent change is in the hinge design, such that it feels stiffer than before to support the 15-inch display when used in a lap.

Plus, Microsoft built the 13.5-inch version’s tablet portion to be totally fan-less without considering which CPU is installed. The 15-inch version doesn’t come with the same benefit, only that the cooling system is improved to reduce fan noise to the barest minimum.


The original Surface Book is equipped with sixth-generation Intel Core processors plus a Nividia 965M GPU. That only made it at least a generation behind in CPU power and not so efficiently improved regarding the GPU power.

The Surface Book 2 modified all of those flaws in both 13.5-inch and 15-inch models as it is equipped with eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8650U processors plus a seventh-generation Core i5-7300 choice in the 13.5-inch lowest-end configuration. That is to say; you’re bound to get the fastest 15-way processor anytime except you choose the entry-level option.


About the connectivity, the surface book two has been slightly improved. The usual mini-DisplayPort has been replaced with a USB-C 3.1 connection, thereby addressing the inadequacy of built-in connectivity. Every other thing like the standard two USB-A 3.0 ports, the Surface Connect port, the SD card reader, and the 3.5mm combo jack remains the same.


For the 13.5 -inch displays, just like the original surface book, it displays with the view-friendly 3:2 aspect ratio that’s a little taller than the omnipresent 16:9 screen displays. It comes with a high resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 (267 PPI), the contrast ratio 1400:1 which is in no doubt class leading, and brightness was brilliant. Even with the brilliant colors, it was in a way lacking in terms of covering the AdobeRGB gamut.

 The 15-inch model provides a 3,240 x 2,160 (260 PPI) resolution. That’s not really 4K, but it’s an apparently high-resolution display that should for sure give a sharp text and images.


Even with the 52 watt-hours to 60 watt-hour improvement on the original surface book, the Surface Book 2 yet increased the battery life up to 70 watt-hours in the 13.5-inch and 90 watt-hours in the 15-inch model. Microsoft now estimates 17 hours total (in the modification of the usual 16-hour estimate for the former version) in both sizes, and about five hours in tablet alone.


The Surface Book 2 without further ado has clearly earned its designation as more than just a mere book. In short, we refer to be the first Surface Book that’s close to justifying its high cost. The Surface Book 2 is an incredibly costly machine, mind you, the design isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, we assume Microsoft comes really close to justifying the price this time around.