Will The Samsung Galaxy Fold Be Released In 2019?

Ahh, the Samsung Galaxy Fold! This was the next generation of smartphone and for the most part, people were super excited for this new device. It looked cool and it seemed like it would bridge the gap between tablet and smartphone. Then, of course, the early reviews started popping up and there were some major problems reported.

So major that Samsung pulled the plug on the supposed April 2019 launch to work out the problems that the phone had. All the while they were saying that the phone was still coming and July 2019 was looking like when its people would be able to get their hands on it. To be fair to Samsung. They are doing the right thing and many people have wanted to keep their Samsung Galaxy Fold preorder.

Samsung has been working hard to make changes to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The most notable one being that hinge has had some serious work put into it. Stuff getting into the phone was a major issue and this led many to post the headline, Samsung Galaxy Fold canceled!

Well a few weeks back major retailer, Best Buy actually canceled all preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold as they were left in the dark about when this thing was coming. Now a second major retailer, AT&T has also canceled all of their preorders for Samsung’s game-changing smartphone.

AT&T told customers that as Samsung had delayed the launch, they had to cancel preorders and any funds that were taken would be refunded. Most people though probably did not have any money taken from their account so hopefully, no one is going to have any hassle in regards to losing money.

It was in May that Samsung announced that they would have news on the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold really soon. They have been very quiet on this front since then, leaving people to wonder what is actually happening with this. Samsung clearly does not have a lot of confidence in the phone in its current state as we surely would have heard something about it by now.

The fact that this is a phone that is going to cost the better part of 2 grand means that they have to get it right. It is one thing it being ok out of the box and a few months down the line. But what about a year after you use it? Is that hinge going to remain strong? Is that screen going to still look amazing? As this is the first phone of its kind there are a lot of unknowns about it so Samsung is right to take their time with this and make sure it is perfect before release.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will hopefully still make it out this year. The anticipated early summer release date is looking more and more unlikely. Perhaps they can get it to how they want and have this available for preorder again soon. A late summer or even the fall release date would still make people very happy!