OnePlus 6T in Thunder Purple – OnePlus 6T thunder purple variant has become favorite of the market.

One Plus Thunder: Let’s hear it


Most of you probably haven’t heard about the company One Plus until this year. The new purple phoning device is more than just your average phone. A newly found company (we are talking 2013, folks) the company has managed to be successful is much lesser time than we expected it to.


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Whilst you may not want to ditch your iPhone or your Samsung for the new devices, you may change your mind for the thunder purple. Aside from it’s less than conventional color, the phone offers much more than what appears to be some generic giveaway. Here are our reasons why the new phone should be given a fair shot:


Taking Looks to the Next Level


Yes, we’ve had the glassy looks of the iPhone and the sleek looks of the A9 but do you know what the market hasn’t seen? Mesmerizing purple. Sure, bubblegum pink and lemonade were good colors released by Samsung for the A9, but it is nowhere close to the radiant hue of purple of one plus. Reflective, the phone reflects light making the device appear on different sides of the purple-shade spectrum. Definitely, one to catch your eye next time one pulls it out of their pocket. What’s unique about the device is that it showcases transition, from black to purple at the back. If you’re not a user of one plus, you may feel as though you have a good cover on.


Cashback and Offers


One plus has collaborated with various companies to present a variety of offers, with one of it’s best being a cashback offer from all HDFC users. This allows the user to get instant cash after your first pre-paid charge. Talk about having perks.


The Core


At the heart of the device is none other than the octa-core snapdragon that had been used for previous One plus phoning devices. Although there is no increase in storage capacity or battery, it continues to have strong features of the previous powerhouse. With a device being backed up by a 3,750mAh battery, there is no concern surrounding battery life. In addition to this, a major con is that the company has yet to release a phone with higher gigabytes.




Perhaps the biggest con that comes with this device (or like all devices that have no headphone jack) is the need to invest in suitable accessories. Perhaps this is the recent trend being taken up by the market, with Apple being the first to do so. Although some may not find this irksome, it’s without a doubt true that the accessories necessary for the phone add into the price of the phone itself. With the one plus being exclusive, it requires accessories suitable to its make and model, proving to be a major drawback.


Whether you want to give the phone a chance or not, it is true that One plus has upgraded this year and continues to be successful by being innovative with its devices. If you’re hearing us, we’d like one in a shade of blue too.