Enrich tomorrows experience with Samsung’s 100W fast charging

Samsung moved to the field top by introducing the fast charging Samsung. It introduced the new Type-C PD (Power delivery) controllers. The controllers give up to 100 watts power. The MM101 and ES8A feature eFlash feature offering firmware updates.


Extra security

The SE8A has a feature of extra security and this is the first PD controller providing extra security. The MM101 senses moisture and stops the charging process averting receiving a fatal shock. Besides the Advanced Encryption Standard supports authentication and both chips feature protection from ‘over-voltage’.


The PD new controllers are within the phone. It allows getting the required juice from a handset to ensure the battery is charged efficiently. The charging ability of 100W is faster in comparison to the 13W fast charging. The 100W charger came with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.



Samsung reveals the advantage that a 100 W charger is handy for any user of Smartphone. They can carry a tablet, laptop or a monitor and charge using the same adapter. Thus, it means they can move around with fewer accessories and in a light way. There is a need for it when you go for your job, away from your home.

Fast charging SamsungPower adapters SamsungSamsung’s fast charging system

Adding to the innovative solutions of charging, there are lots more available. The power adapters Samsung charge devices quickly and also establish safety from unauthorized access that is increasing. The power delivery of Samsung MM101 and SE8A ensure faster charging and safety. They also enable the best experiences of using mobile. Nevertheless, now the SE&A is now in the process of mass production and so it means the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will feature 100W fast charging accessible. There may be high-end handsets released later in this year and it may also have this fast charging.


Combination to advantage

The larger capacity batteries in association with faster-charging systems are a great combination. This is offering the advantage to power users and the faster charging system is seen as a boon. The Smartphone can run for the entire day without the need for charging in between. However, if there is a need to plug and charge the phone, the advantage is that in a few minutes a fair amount of power can be easily restored using Samsung’s fast charging system.