ByteDance is planning to introduce a TikTok Smartphone loaded with apps

Do you know about ByteDance? Yes, it began wooing the world, giving consumer apps in plenty. It also includes the Chinese company TikTok, the viral internet sensation now entering into hardware.

ByteDance Introduces

ByteDance is now venturing into a Smartphone business such that the phone will feature apps as preload. The company will use the technology and patents.

Though, there is no announcement from ByteDance, its decision to create a handset has stemmed as the Chinese tech companies have been facing a tough time with the West in doing business.  Especially the US is creating a lot of issues revolving data privacy.

The US Department of Commerce last week issued an order to break ties with Huawei, the Chinese Smartphone giant. The American corporations have nothing to say, and it led to revoking the Android license of Huawei spontaneously that may result in disastrous effects on the international sales of the maker of this Smartphone.

TikTok venture

The fact is not hidden that Facebook and Amazon also tried their hands on creating dedicated Smartphones, while both turned to be failures. Nevertheless, the viral app TikTok developers are much ahead in their venture of creating their device.

TikTok Smartphone

A Financial Times report confirms that ByteDance, TikTok’s owner is already developing a Smartphone such that this Smartphone will feature a range of apps as pre-installed and it is believed to include TopBuzz, the content aggregation platform and also the News Republic, the news platform.

The Smartphone is anticipated to be created by ByteDance as it is being acquired from Smartisan, a Chinese Smartphone brand. The design and specification details are under the sheets, but it is expected that the device will focus the teenage users and budget segments. TikTok is highly popular in India and China, and in both these places, the cheaper devices have a significant market.

Aggressive startup

ByteDance is busy and is a startup company that is already globally popular with its TikTok video app. This Beijing based company includes the tool Lark for work collaboration and also a list of apps, a music streaming app, and Feiliao, an instant messenger. With all this success, it is taking a courageous step into the realm of hardware.

ByteDance is not ready to comment, but there is urgency noticed from ByteDance to carve something new.