Beta test of Android 9 Pie-based HydrogenOS is public for OnePlus 5, 5T users



OnePlus has begun revealing the HydrogenOS beta dependent on Android Pie to OnePlus 5 and 5T cell phone users in China. Recently, the company started testing the skin on the gadgets in a closed beta program before it was disclosed to public. That’s how the Chinese manufacturer of the smartphones asked the public to beta test the units of Android Pie version of HydrogenOS for OnePlus 5 and 5T. Due to the latest build, new features can be installed such as weather accuracy, updated UI and a better communication to support the device.

Beta test of Android 9 Pie Review


Key Improvements to the Device


HydrogenOS is a custom skin for OnePlus in China and currently the features are only limited to the residents in the country. However, HydrogenOS established on Android Pie can be launched globally on OnePlus devices but it isn’t possible with some complications faced by the user.


Following are the upgraded features that would be likely added to HydrogenOS:


  • New background control solution for smoother and lighter experience
  • Android Security Patch
  • New UI


Communication and Specifications


HydrogenOS gives the SMS verification notification for easier access. The software can detect the unknown numbers, so you no more need to fear the scam call and messages. It ensures you to benefit with the ability to set a default SIM for a contact in dual SIM mode. Speed dial and Emergency UI is featured in it for greater convenience of users.

Beta test of Android 9


Additionally, the device automatically switches its current settings like date and time based on the location. This solves the issue of refreshing again and again to adjust the settings to locational change. They have improved weather data accuracy and other bug fixes.


Nevertheless, it has altered to the Emergency rescue UI with the alterations to the “Do Not Disturb” mode.


Size of the HydrogenOS


The size of the beta varies with the choice of smartphone. If you opt for OnePlus 5, then the HydrogenOS beta would be 2.04GB with update of 21st system whereas OnePlus 5T would have 2.05GB with update of 20th system. Though, it does not have a greater difference.


HydrogenOS vs OxygenOS?


You must be aware of the differences between HydrogenOS and OxygenOS. HydrogenOS is operated only in devices used in China whereas OxygenOS is shipped to all other markets. Both the skins have distinctive UI features. As HydrogenOS does not comes with any Google services because it is ban in China. However, they tend to have similar codes.




Apparently, it has not been confirmed by the company yet about the launching date of the HydrogenOS.


This could be further delayed to 2019 as announced by the CEO and co-founder of the OnePlus. Hence, the users around the globe would have to be patient and wait for the release date of an updated version of OxygenOS. As for now, the updated version can only be obtained in China which is designed according to their requirements and government policies.